4 Must-Not-Overlook Characteristics of a Bad Leader

Never fall into the trap of thinking you can never become a bad leader because you’ve always been the good guy. Well, the truth is, many folks who exhibit bad leadership traits are once like you, they also felt the same way before assuming the loftier position of heading organizations. They fail to practice self-awareness when they started exhibiting some characteristics of a bad leader. Hence, this post seeks to enlighten you on four characteristics of a bad leader you might exhibit as time passes.

The Importance of Self Reflection

When you’re aware of these characteristics, it becomes easier for you to make amends as soon as possible and change the trajectory.
Here are they:

1. Lack of empathy
Empathy is one the greatest weapons of an excellent leader. You want to ensure you always show concerns to needs or worries of your team members. Where there’s a genuine sensitivity to the challenges of any of the team members, it fosters great relationship and good communication.
The fertile relationship developed will assist your business bottom line. The day you care less about any of their worries, be alert something is amiss. If you see yourself trying to fake it for the team members, you’re no longer a good leader again.
They are a red flag you need to always watch out for.

2. Psychologically absent
Every great leader always possesses fantastic listening ears. They always ready to discuss progress with the team and listen attentively to hear their various opinions on the next line of actions. They see team members are an integral part of the decision making plan but what if suddenly you feel disconnected from the team?
When disconnected from the team, you’ve shown that’s exactly what you want and right there, you’re fast becoming a bad leader. There isn’t any sophisticated word to use than that. When this happens, it affects greatly the milestones you’re trying to reach and sure know what that portends.

3. Failure to provide growth opportunities for the employees
Every employee loves any organization that offers employees countless opportunities to grow. So if you ever block opportunities for employees’ progress, then you’re only saying to them that you’re now a devil. This is when you should get yourself together and redefine things positively.

4. Failure in recognizing employees’ efforts
Employees are working for the growth of your company, so occasionally it’s wise to recognize. Show them you’re very much aware of their inputs and selfless acts. Also, if an employee contributed immensely to the success a project, recognize him/her and host a dinner of excellence to mark this feat.
This will surely push all other employees to do more as they know you’re always seeing everything going on in the establishment. But in a situation when you fail to recognize employees’ efforts nor honoring, that becomes a problem you need to face head on. Because it means you aren’t that good leader anymore.

Finally, there are still a couple of characteristics you must watch out for that depict a bad leader. However, if you can avoid the things mentioned above, you’re sure not going to fall into that pit of bad leadership and business destruction.

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