5 effective ways you can organize your home with the help of Lean Six Sigma

Most of us are of the idea that Lean Six Sigma is only useful for businesses. Well, that is wrong. It has found application in several other areas apart from businesses and one of such is our homes. Experts have used tips from Lean Six Sigma to organize their homes and give them an even better look. Here are the ways they do it.

That sounds funny

Having a knife drawer.
Lean six sigma values organization and experts have used that to keep their knives in special drawers. When done, this will allow you to easily locate your knife whenever you need it.

Kanban system works perfectly for groceries.
In order to know which grocery has finished and which one needs to be replenished, Kanban system can be used. The best way to do this is to have a Kanban board on your refrigerator. This will help you keep a touch of items on your list and when each one is due to be replaced.

Motion isn’t wasted that much.
This is a genius way to use Lean Six Sigma. Arranging your kitchen cabinet over your dishwasher will see to it that you effectively reduce the wasted motion, making it easy for you to reach it while washing the dishes.

Christmas gifts are arranged in different color boxes.
Kids are the ones that get most of the surprise during the holiday period. In order not to get the gifts mixed up, you can put each gift in a certain box color or size so that you can easily identify them. That way, the gift of one person won’t be confused with that of another.

The 5S system is very useful in the laundry room.
Six Sigma’s 5S system has been a champion of organization and there is no place at home that needs that more than the laundry room. It allows you to use space effectively, especially those who use a portion of their garage as the laundry room. Ensure that the laundry room isn’t stained by the other side of the garage though.

The 5S can be used so that each cloth is put in the right section and the appropriate detergent is used for it. Everything should be set in order. To clean your laundry room, all you need is a clean cloth to wipe away any spills while your dirty clothes are tucked away in the bin.

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