5 Important Points to Consider in Total Quality Management

Needless to say that Total quality Management (TQM) is a systematic approach geared toward planning and implementing a sustainable organization improvement process. It focuses on giving the customers the best experience possible when dealing with the organization through laid-down principles of commitment, promotion and a two-way communication system. Here are the five points to consider to successfully implement TQM in your organization. Let’s dive in ...

Embrace your employee’s ideas

Employees’ Understanding and Commitment
First thing first, to enable a perfect TQM in your organization, it is crucial the employees must be carried along by the leadership of the organization on what TQM is all about and how to implement it successfully. If the employees know the cooperate goals, they feel better as an integral part of the process and this enhances the whole process but if they are unaware of it, they have no obligations to what you want to achieve and this could be disastrous.

Culture’s Improvement
The importance of modernizing the culture of the organization to allow for employee feedback has been proven by many to be rewarding and in TQM, it is no different. These are people with diverse ideas you can always tap from, for the purpose of company’s growth. Therefore, if you truly want to implement TQM in your organization, then embrace your employee’s ideas by listening and acting accordingly.

Sustainable Improvement
Another important thing to note in TQM is, there is no room for ‘we have arrived, so nothing to be done again’. This is not the case in TQM, there is no slowing down as it is a continuous process, which must be seen as such. There always have to be improvement in policies, procedures and controls that the organization needs to look into. Be conversant with what the big guns in the market are doing and revise and improve yours accordingly.

Customers Requirements
Considering the most amazing time we are in at the moment, customers have got a lot of options and to get them hooked, organizations need to do their assignments, which is to understand what they want and provide it without compromising on quality. Indeed, all customers want the best deal for the capital they are investing in such product or service as this is important to building a long lasting relationship with them without compromise.
Pay close attention to the needs of your customers, work on it and make it happen as this makes them happy and to come back for more.

Effective control is pertinent when it comes to monitoring and measuring the performance of the business. No doubt, documentation will go a long way to ensure this as you can easily forget important things like the numbers of employees who didn’t flow with the controlled measures set in place and so on.

To objectively note where to improve upon in terms of ensuring quality delivery with the use of TQM, strict documentation needs to be maintained at optimum level. Therefore, TQM being a building of many pillars, there is need for constant and consistent improvement to meet the expectations of the ever requesting customers base available in today’s world.

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