5 Mistakes to Avoid in Project Management

When hiring a project manager to help in manage your next project, ensure you look out for these following mistakes in order to ensure success in such project.

Let’s take them one after the other:

1. Choosing a Project Manager without the required Experience: it’s crucial that you factor every aspect of your business into consideration when choosing a particular project manager for your project. Consider attributes such as the competitors, type of the industry and the type of project you are embarking on.
If you consider all these factors, you will end up hiring a project manager who brings to the table the same ideas and results you aim to achieve. Hence, all search and engage the right project manager whenever you want to embark on a project.

2. Ambiguity about what you want in the brief: The importance of simplicity also comes into play here as there is a need to be very precise, cleared and straight up with your objectives and goals in the brief you are providing for the team. Yes, that’s one of the important things to do in every project management, in fact, it’s one of those things you need to do at the beginning.
When this is done well and accurately, the candidate will easily know whether he/she is a good fit for the project and this will as well help the team members to understand whether there are regulatory matters they must pay close attention to as regards the project to be done.

3. Total Neglect of tools and apps: all thanks to the most amazing time we are living in and the technological advancement. To make project management easier and faster, there is a need to have the right combination of apps and tools in monitoring and controlling the activities ongoing anywhere you are.
These apps have features like team needs that help the team members vote on a particular idea, time zone scheduling and so on. Just opt for the good ones and you won’t regret ever doing so.

4. Poor establishment of authority and line of communication before the commencement of project: It’s very crucial to establish authority and who to run to when the going gets tough during the project. This must be defined before the project kick-starts as it prevents unnecessary delays and ensures effective and efficient performance of the team members.

5. Not anticipating delays and risks before the project kick-starts: failure to anticipate the possible risks and delays you might face while the project is ongoing can disastrous when it does occur. Anticipate these things and prepare ways with which they will be handled and when they finally surface, you won’t be running helter-skelter again just to get rid of them.

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