A fast guide for a successful business with IBQMI TQM

TQM has been around for a while now and it has proven successful for many firms and businesses. A properly planned and implemented TQM will be a big boost to your business in terms of fluidity and financial benefits. In what ways can TQM help the growth of your business? Let us have a look.

Use TQM to improve customer satisfaction.

As a businessman/woman, you already know that the happiness of your customer is the most important thing. One of the main objectives of TQM is to improve the improve customer satisfaction first and foremost. They are designed in such a way that will ensure that customer’s expectations are met at all times. When the expectation of customers is met, then they will definitely be happy. When you offer a service or sell a product, then the customer will be happy if the services delivered were of high quality or if the product has very high standards and comes at affordable prices.

TQM has three components that allow your business to work towards achieving customer satisfaction.

1. TQM has made it a necessity that your business knows and fully understands what the customer expects.

2. It is also designed to ensure that your business has the needed expertise and resources consistently deliver the expected product or service.

3. Finally, TQM emphasizes the need for your business to communicate regularly and clearly to your customers what you intend to deliver to avoid misunderstanding of any kind.
TQM has proven to ensure that customers will get what they expect. The processes of managing unhappy customers (make corrections and ensure that it doesn’t happen again) is also

incorporated into the TQM.
It is easy to keep customers than to make new ones and keeping old customers can only be achieved if they are satisfied. Researchers have shown over the years that there is a direct relationship between customer satisfaction and increased revenue. TQM can definitely help your business be more customer oriented.

Use TQM to improve Business Effectiveness and Efficiency
Customer satisfaction is very crucial to the success of a business but it isn’t the only component needed for success. Efficiency and effective service delivery are also important. A business will have to look internally and fully understand its operations and that is another area that TQM is important.

TQM lays huge emphasis on internal processes such as
• Coming together of processes to produce the desired customers in order to satisfy customers.
• Consistent processes and how they will deliver the required outcome.
• The productivity of a particular process and how much resources are being used.
TQM allows you to consistently produce the desired products or services without wasting resources like materials, time and money.

Use TQM to provides Long Term Competitiveness
This point is as important as the first two mentioned above. Providing strong competition for your competitors is key to your business succeeding. If you are able to achieve customer satisfaction and efficiency, then your business will be around for a very long time.
TQM isn’t just about the quality of your products or services, it is much more than that. TQM is concerned with ensuring that the whole operations for your business go smoothly so that you can make your customers happy.

Even though TQM can perform all these wonders for your business, commitment from the staff and the management is needed to make it work. Efforts must be made by both the management and the staff in order for it to work. Once TQM is ingrained into the business’s culture, then success and financial benefits are sure to follow next.

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