Benefits of Scrumban

Scrumban, a sword with two sharp edges is a hybrid of two agile methodologies, Scrum and Kanban. It adopts element of both methodologies to fashion out an elegant framework. Read on ...

Scrumban offers flexibility

Scrum is an Agile structure that relies on teamwork, it delineates large tasks into smaller fractions for more production efficiency. Kanban is a working system that has as its goal the removal of bottlenecks from work operation or process by implementing a visual aid. The Scrumban hybrid structure was created as a means of moving from the Scrum to Kanban and exploring lean.

The concern of the Scrumban methodology is making practical decisions on how things should be handled based on the unique situation. Every situation determines the choices that a team makes, and scrumban offers flexibility which allows the team to adapt to these situations. The use of scrumban on an agile marketing team is to meet the team's requirements and those of the organization. Some of the benefits of using the Scrumban agile methodology are

Lets you benefit from the best of two methodologies
Scrumban does away with the weaknesses of Scrum and Kanban, it instead adopts the strengths of both.

It brings greater flexibility
The hybrid of Scrum and Kanban allows for more flexibility in workflow. Hence you are able to react better and faster to new and sometimes unexpected events, make the necessary amendments and get results in the shortest time possible.

Makes sure the team flows as one unit
One of the advantages of Kanban is visualization, which Scrumban adopts. It allows members of a group to have a glance and come up to date with the progress of a project. This brings all the tasks and processes into the open, allowing for more transparency, thereby improving the efficiency of the team.

Improves the understanding of the working of scrum
It facilitates a team's understanding of how the Scrum process functions in practice, without putting another in its place.

It eliminates delay in workflow
Scrumban portrays workflow visually on a scrumban board. With this, it becomes easier to see the column which slows down the workflow process and attention can be devoted to such an area speeding up the process.

Bring about efficient time management.
This eliminates the need for constant estimation and weekly sprint planning. The plan which the team makes is only when there is a need for it. In so doing, time is better managed.

It exerts less stress on the members of a team Tasks are not assigned to members of a team in scumban, on the contrary, team members make their choices on which task to handle from the to-do list. And since equal right is guaranteed to every member of the team, every member of the team can access the progress of the project, the daily standup is not a requirement

The scrum and Kanban hybrid was originated to cause surplus-age and increase in production and eliminate wastes while and at the same time increasing the overall success when implemented. This is a goal that other methodologies strive towards.

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