Certified Scrumban Practitioner® - The relationship between purpose and performance

The vision of a company or an institution should be clear and visible to everybody, especially for all members within the organization or the system. It should match the visions of each member of the Scrumban team.

Companies/organizations must be profitable

A for-profit organization exists primarily to generate a profit. It should also be clear for the organizations and the teams that they have to be competitive. The Kanban prioritization in the backlog within Scrumban and the iteration that is less focused on maximizing value for the customer ensures this. Scrumban has some very sophisticated metrics for measuring value. It is key for a profitable organization that all those who contribute to the system should improve the profitability of the company or organization, even when the aim of existence of a company is not the making a profit.

Decentralized thinking systems
Organizations often have one vision, which isn’t often clear to every team member. By fostering the same values of an organization through all levels of the team, the output will rise, and the feeling of togetherness will rise too. While the plain Scrum process often focuses on the team by reducing the team’s impediments, Scrumban fosters the teams to break down silo thinking—bringing in openness not only to the single team but to improve the whole system from the bottom up. Local decision-making brings greater alignment to the goals of an organization.

The IBQMI® Certified Scrumban Practitoner® mission: the relationship between purpose and performance!

Top-down core values
Common values are important in supporting a common mindset within the whole organization and within the mindset of all employees. The common values should go hand in hand with achieving a common, efficient output. The common mindset has to be established by the leadership of an organization. The leaders have to set the values close to the values of the Agile Manifesto such as customer focus, openness, respect, courage, commitment to improvement, etc. The organization should bring in their own values if they add additional value. Most important is that these values have to be understood by everybody in the organization. The leader must support these values by following them at all times. This will bring in the values to all the Scrumban teams.

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