Enhancing Efficiency and Productivity with IBQMI® Frameworks

IBQMI®'s quality management frameworks are designed to improve efficiency and productivity in organizations. By streamlining processes and improving communication, IBQMI® helps organizations to better meet their goals. In this blog post, we'll explore how IBQMI® can help your organization to enhance its efficiency and productivity.

Certified With Field-Tested Certifications, Not Gray Theory!

Our Agile frameworks and methodologies have been developed over many years through extensive experience to help organizations optimize the way they work. These methodologies are designed to promote an iterative, incremental approach to software development that is focused on quickly delivering value to customers. The most popular agile methods used today include Scrumban, Kanban, and Lean. 


Scrumban is an agile framework which combines Scrum and Kanban principles in order to maximize an organization’s efficiency and productivity. It utilizes sprints, user stories, Lean methods, and adaptive leadership techniques to eliminate non-value adding activities and ensure high quality output. By partnering with IBQMI®, businesses can take advantage of Scrumban’s frameworks and tools to achieve their desired results.

The CERTIFIED SCRUMBAN PRACTITIONER® is the first-ever certification program that focuses on the hybrid methodology of agile, Scrum and Lean/Kanban, only offered by IBQMI®. It provides professionals with a comprehensive understanding of tools, techniques, and processes to enhance their teams' performance and productivity. This certification offers in-depth knowledge on how to use lean principles for decision-making and process improvement. It also teaches how to apply the combination of Scrum and Kanban effectively for optimal results. By taking advantage of this certification, professionals can become certified experts in Scrumban – making them invaluable assets in their organizations! IBQMI® ist the only institute that can certify professionals as CERTIFIED SCRUMBAN PRACTITIONER®


Kanban is an approach that seeks to continuously improve processes by visualizing workflows and limiting work in progress (WIP). It takes a pull-based approach where tasks are pulled from the To Do list when necessary rather than pushing them out as in other methods such as Scrum. The Kanban board is used to visualize the workflow and allow everyone on the team to see what tasks are currently being worked on, who those tasks belong to, and when they should be finished. With this visualization it’s easy for teams to identify bottlenecks or areas of improvement in their process and quickly implement changes accordingly. 


The Lean framework is based on the Toyota Production System and advocates reducing waste while increasing value delivery by focusing on eliminating non-value-adding activities from all processes throughout the organization. It relies heavily on data-driven decisions and continuous improvement within all areas of operation including product development, sales & marketing, customer service, operations & logistics etc.. This approach encourages teams to think critically about their current processes in order to identify areas for optimization before implementing any new feature or solution. 


Overall these frameworks offer tremendous benefits for organizations looking for ways to optimize their processes while improving quality at all levels of operation. As such IBQMI® provides certifications in CERTIFIED KANBAN COACH®, CERTIFIED SCRUMBAN PRACTITIONER®, IBQMI TQM TRAINER® certification, and CERTIFIED LEAN PROJECT MANAGER® certification which focus specifically on helping professionals understand these concepts better so that they may put them into practice and realize greater success within their respective fields.

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