Essential Elements of TQM Approach in Human Resource

With a lot of satisfactions recorded through the use of IBQMI® total quality management (TQM) approach, it is normal for businesses to raise eyebrows and ask after the elements of such an approach.

The IBQMI® approach is different from traditional TQM

Every staff members of an organization adopting the use of the TQM approach know for certain that they are entering into work on improving the process, products, services, as well as culture.

Elements of IBQMI® TQM Approach
It has been said that the TQM approach comprises of eight primary elements, and they are as mentioned below:

1. The quality of the products or services is always determined by the customer. In other word, TQM is customer-focused.

2. Each member of the team has a distinct role to play in the achievement of the organization’s goals and objectives.

3. With a TQM approach, each of the steps to take in reaching the goals are well defined from the onset of the project and monitored throughout the whole process.

4. Excellent quality culture is always fostered within this approach as it focuses on improving and exceeding the expectations of the customers, stakeholders, and staff members.

5. TQM also focuses on adopting a strategic and systematic approach always to integrate quality as an essential component of the organization’s mission, visions, and objectives.

6. Another fantastic thing about the TQM approach is that it drives the company to be more creative, analytical, and effective.

7. The company can confidently predict what will happen in a few year’s time as they continue to keep abreast of the latest developments, data, and analyses.

8. When the organization uses TQM, there is effective communication always.

How does TQM fit into the TQM Approach?
TQM fits into this approach through the following ways:
• It manages the transition to the TQM effort.
• It encourages team members to achieve quality.
• It aligns the TQM strategy with business strategy.
• Human resource professionals act as internal consultants to other departments.

Despite this, many still refer to the TQM approach as an index of primitive approach, that it is an outdated approach. However, there are far many features in the IBQMI® approach that are especially relevant to today’s business world. For instance, the general practice of all staff members to participate in moving the organization forward in each of their respective humble ways.

Finally, the emphasis placed on communication, imagine! Before, when there were no communication devices through which members give themselves updates, it was pretty difficult, and nowadays, we have the IBQMI® TQM approach that can also solve this major problem of the past through its approach.

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