Five Factors for successful Lean Project Management

The importance of Lean Project Management for businesses cannot be overemphasized. It has been responsible for successful projects at affordable rates and it helps companies save both time and money. Ensuring that Lean Project Management is a success in your firm isn’t an easy task. Attention has to be paid to the several areas that make up Lean Project Management before success can be guaranteed.

These five Factors will Lead to Successful Projects

Management support and agreement.
The goals of a project will have to be agreed upon by every stakeholder and leader of a company. The support will have to be there so that everything will be done smoothly. Everyone involved in the project will need to know, understand and support the project before it can become successful. The vision should be common, both within the scope of the work and the success that will come with it.

A plan to execute.
A project can never be successful if a powerful plan isn’t there to back it up. The roles and responsibilities of each member should be clearly stated so as to ease execution. The steps that should be taken at each point of the project should also be clearly identified from the beginning. The plan should be distributed to everyone involved so that it will be easy to know what to do and what comes next.

Effective and constant communication.
There should be an active communication between the leaders of the firm and the employees at all times to ensure that the project becomes successful. The communication will have to be effective and addresses the issues at hand. The communication not-with-standing its mode must be multi directional and be effective. Communication will make it easier to know what has been done and what still needed to be done.

Control the scope of work.
This is what a Certified Lean Project Manager® should be able to do effectively. Even though there are changes during the project, the initial scope and objective of the project should remain unchanged. The methodologies might change but the goals and scope of the work should be controlled. It must be understood by everyone involved with the project that a change in scope has implications on the project’s fee, plan and the quality of the end product.

Don’t alter the methodology too much.
This is usually from research conducted or experience from previous work. The methodologies that have worked in the past shouldn’t be altered too much so that the goals can be achieved. Consistency in terms of processes allows the Certified Lean Project Manager® to manage the high hopes of stakeholders as they will like to know what is happening at each stage of the project.

A project cannot become successful if any of the above is deliberately omitted. Project managers have to ensure that these five factors are implemented to the fullest so that success can be recorded at the end. A well-defined scope and a clear definition of goals and objectives are very important towards achieving success in any project you tackle.

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