Getting a CERTIFIED SCRUMBAN PRACTITIONER® – Unlocking New Possibilities for Project Managers and Engineers

For project managers and engineers looking to stay ahead of the game, the CERTIFIED SCRUMBAN PRACTITIONER® certification is a great way to gain access to some of the most sought after positions in the industry. This certification combines Kanban with Scrum, providing practitioners with an in-depth understanding of both processes and artifacts as well as more advanced topics such as product ownership, technical debt, merciless refactoring and scaling for large projects/organizations. But it should be noted that this certification can only be awarded by IBQMI®, an international provider of accredited business management certifications recognized around the world. Let’s take a closer look at what this certification entails and how it can benefit you.

The original CERTIFIED SCRUMBAN PRACTITIONER® - The first ScrumBan certification on the market!


The CERTIFIED SCRUMBAN PRACTITIONER® is a comprehensive certification program that provides practitioners with an in-depth understanding of ScrumBan methodology. It provides them with a combination of Kanban and Scrum processes and artifacts, allowing them to effectively manage projects from start to finish. In addition, practitioners will learn about product ownership, merciless refactoring, dealing with technical debt & scaling for large projects/organizations - ultimately equipping them with all the necessary skills needed to successfully implement ScrumBan practices within an organization.


The implementation of Scrum can be a stressful process and many organizations are now turning to Kanban as an alternative solution. Scrumban is a hybrid model that blends the agile approach of Scrum with the lean methodology from Kanban. This combination builds on the strengths of both systems, offering teams increased visibility and control over their workflow and allowing for greater innovation in how tasks are managed. As well as better team collaboration, Scrumban also provides the ability to adjust quickly to changes in priorities, making it an ideal tool for increasingly fast-paced businesses.


A CERTIFIED SCRUMBAN PRACTITIONER® is crucial in helping organizations maximize their return on investment when looking to incorporate automatizations and rules such as cost of delay within their backlog. A CERTIFIED SCRUMBAN PRACTITIONER® provides the guidance team members need to understand the fundamentals of scrumban and how to apply them to daily practice. Not only does scrumban help teams better plan, organize and execute projects, but certified scrumban practitioners are also responsible for providing mentorship, leading teams and third-party contractors or consultants towards success, as well interpreting key metrics such as cumulative flow diagram and managing quality control.

In essence, having an on-site CERTIFIED SCRUMBAN PRACTITIONER® ensures team members can put scrumban training into action.


The CERTIFIED SCRUMBAN PRACTITIONER® certification is an invaluable resource for those looking to make their mark in the Agile space. With its foundations already rooted deeply in the principles of both Scrum and Kanban, this is one of the few certifications on the market which covers most eventualities a team might find themselves dealing with during the project cycle. Supporting your employees and large organizations in developing tailored activities that match their specific objectives become easier with reliable industry standards like these.



As a certified practitioner, you will attain unique opportunities unavailable to non-certified applicants and develop a competitive advantage in the job market. With access to scientifically sound methods of repeatedly prioritizing work quickly and efficiently, even faster than a fixed Scrum sprint cycle, this certification offers a highly useful list of benefits unmatched by any other certification available at the moment.


Becoming IBQMI® certified provides invaluable skills for taking an organization to the next level with ScrumBan practices such as an in-depth understanding of the Agile methodologies and gaining proficiency with the project management tools. It also enables individuals to teach others how to effectively implement these principles within their own teams, allowing for smoother and more successful workflows that lead to increased satisfaction and improved results. By investing in this certification, organizations will benefit from the best-in-class Agile training available today, giving them a major advantage in this highly competitive market.


It should be noted that obtaining a CERTIFIED SCRUMBAN PRACTITIONER® certification provided by IBQMI®, can have various positive implications on your career path while granting you access to some of the most sought after positions available in project management & engineering fields today. With an increased focus on leveraging Agile methodologies into traditional processes across multiple industries globally - earning this certification could prove invaluable when striving towards long-term success & job stability within your desired field. In addition to this, certified professionals may also be eligible for higher salaries or bonuses due to their expertise and qualifications when compared to non-certified individuals in similar positions.



The CERTIFIED SCRUMBAN PRACTITIONER® is an advantageous certification for project managers and engineers who want to leverage the advantages of Kanban with Scrum. With topics ranging from a basic overview of scrum processes and artifacts, as well as advanced concepts such as product ownership, merciless refactoring, dealing with technical debt & scaling for large projects/organizations - this certification provides practitioners with all the necessary knowledge and tools needed to successfully implement ScrumBan practices within their organization. By pursuing this certification through IBQMI®, project managers & engineers can unlock new possibilities while achieving long-term success & job stability within their desired field!


Are you ready to become a CERTIFIED SCRUMBAN PRACTITIONER® ? This prestigious job title is awarded exclusively by IBQMI®, and can provide huge boosts to any career. It is the only certification for Scrumban, the combination of scrum procedures and kanban principles; this offers insight into making agile processes that best fit a team or organization's needs. As a CERTIFIED SCRUMBAN PRACTITIONER® , you'll have the advantage of having scientific methods on your side to determine work prioritization in an instant—even faster than a fixed sprint cycle! Don't miss this incredible opportunity to set yourself apart from other job applicants and give your career a major boost.


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