How a bad team manager can affect the productivity level of your employees

Hard as it may be to accept, most of the problem associated with production at a company or business can be traced back to bad management. Management is the soul of the business. If the management is good, then the productivity level and efficiency of the employees increase and if the management is bad, the opposite will be the case. It is therefore very important that you understand the risks of bad management and plan on how to avoid it.

Avoidable expense for recruitment

Here is the fact: A manager who rarely appreciates the work of others is usually ineffective and incompetent. The abusive nature of the manager will make it very hard for the firm to retain employees. When that happens, the company will be forced to look for new employees every time and thus unnecessary expenses will be spent on recruitment. High turnover needs more recruitment and recruitment is usually expensive as the new employee will have to be trained to carry out the duty effectively. It can cost almost 25 percent to 30 percent of the salary of an employee and benefits package to hire a replacement. The amount spent on advertising, recruitment process and training stage can all be saved if the team manager happens to be good.

High level of stress amongst team members.
Working under a bad team manager can put so many workers under both physical and emotional stress. This will ultimately affect the performance of the team and the general productivity level of the company. When faced by bad management, most people’s confidence level will become low. Stressed employees might become depressed and this will make them concentrate less on their work.
The need to satisfy a very hard manager will suck the zeal and enthusiasm out of them and thus, they will become scared of making good decisions or moving ahead with projects. Looking at the physical aspect, the stress might lead to negative effects like fatigue, muscle aches, headache, and difficulty in sleeping. This fatigue can lead to more absent days by the employees and the company will lose from that.

Hiring incompetent employees.
This might seem like a strange point but it is very valid. Bad managers don’t want anyone on their team to question their decisions or outshine them in terms of performance. This is why they will opt to hire people that are less productive than they are. This will definitely affect the efficiency and the productivity level of the company. Employees who have below average skills make more mistake and this affects the company negatively.

Bad management has a lot of negative effects on the company and the employees. As a business owner, it is very important that you notice these traits and let go of the manager so that it doesn’t affect your company. If you are a manager, then these are characteristics that you wouldn’t want to have as they will taint your managerial career in a dark way.

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