How Does Total Quality Management (TQM) System Works?

There are many people who have defined what TQM is but the summary is, it is a technique adopted to instruct staff on how effective and improved performance can be achievable daily in an organization, presently and how such performance can remain sustainable. However, IBQMI® has updated and revived the Total Quality Management (TQM) framework to meet modern requirements.

IBQMI® TQM Trainers strategically focus on continuous improvement

Based on the definition given by Histoshi Kume that TQM is a management method geared toward success. Of course, this is true when you look at the methodology of TQM as it infuses energies in the staff to do more so as to meet the customer’s expectations.

The statement of ISO 9000 corroborates this fact as he posited that TQM is a management approach that places so much emphasis on customer satisfaction. This is achievable through the collaboration of all the staff in the organization to ensure improved processes, services, products and culture of the organization.

The objective of the system is to ensure production of quality products with least cost. This is basically to improve the productivity as well as to shorten the time it takes to make deliveries. Invariability, it can be argued that TQM aims for 3Ps and there are;
• Performance
• Punctuality of the delivery
• Price

Now, it is very obvious that the purpose of TQM system is to improve the quality of products and services through rigorous involvement and integration of all directly and indirectly workers and managers.

TQM system holds the following principles in lofty potions and they are listed below:
• Customers make the rules as regards setting the standards for the products and services they want.
• The highest level manager should be someone who is passionate about ensuring quality standards.
• Quality is a strategic matter and must be the deciding factor when making decisions.
• Quality is the watch word for all categories of people and departments in the organization and everyone must work toward ensuring it.
• The function of the organization is to work and focus on ensuring quality improvement so as to reach its strategic goals.

There is no doubt that to ensure problem solving and quality improvement in an organization, Statistic Quality Control (SQC) and Deming Cycle need to be adopted. Educating and training the employees on these is a right thing in the right direction as this is its foundation and a strong pillar propping the its fence as well.

When we talk about TQM system, the following modules need to be considered. Let’s get to it!
• Quality control circle.
• Technical tools to control and improve TQM quality.
• Kaizen
• 5S
• Profitable Environmental Management.
• Quality Control Story.’

IBQMI TQM TRAINER® is a unique, patented, corporate senior management training program that provides guidance in leadership using a holistic approach, within a particular TQM framework that is widely accepted as the gold standard in the industry. The IBQMI TQM TRAINER® program instructs professionals on how to become corporate senior trainers who interact with employees on-site, implementing and executing effective corporate standards. IBQMI® TQM Trainers are typically employed to make specific advances into Process Improvement, Customer Satisfaction and Organizational Development, while providing leadership and strategies that help implement ongoing improvements as directed by senior company leadership.

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