How Scrumban helps master complex systems

Scrumban encourages the user in the “Shu” phase to concentrate and master one thing at a time. Scrumban has the power to give a solid structure to fixed work in iterations. Thus, Scrumban could, on the one hand be used like Scrum. On the other hand, Scrumban gives both employees and customers the flexibility to pull the kind of work with high emergency and high customer value into the system without disturbing the cadence of an iteration or the self-organized work of planned items, which are planned at the beginning of an iteration.

Scrumban gives the flexibility to pull into the system without disturbing the cadence of an iteration

Scrumban helps teams and customers to handle complex challenges with products without knowing the complete complexity of the product at the beginning. In contrast to Scrum, Scrumban is less rigid and also allows the use of the whole capacity for unplanned but important items or for an investigation alongside the main focus of the iteration.

While teams and organizations in Scrum should understand the market by creating short feedback loops, it does not mention how teams and organizations could achieve the most important goal of understanding the marketplace. Scrumban strives to have “organizational leaders” which can leverage the knowledge both in teams and in the organizations. A proper way to achieve this is to use Kanban’s visualization options and risks within opportunity and backlog management, while considering the challenge of getting things done (i.e. start finishing, stop starting).
Communication of the vision and understanding Impact alignments.

It is important is to visualize and use Kanban techniques for getting shared understandings and using empirical data and scientific methods to make better decisions based on the Kanban metrics. Also important are techniques that minimize or eliminate barriers created by the natural human psychological response. Scrumban emphasizes the vision boards to communicate and share the “Visions” with the employees.

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