How to Effectively Present Progress as a Project Manager

One of the challenging things for any project manager is how well to handle progress presentation to the management. This fear is very understandable as it’s very difficult to break down those complex strategies to simple and understandable concept to such an audience. But the good news is this challenge isn’t insurmountable, follow these simple guidelines and the dread progress presentation will come out fruitful.

Progress presentation made simple

• Understand your audience
The first thing you want to make sure is to understand your audience as with any presentation. This isn’t a presentation to your team or friend, you’re communication with your superior. Knowing this will assist you to prepare well for the presentation.
Understanding your audience will also assist to prepare to-the-point and concise presentation. You won’t want to bore out these high-end personalities with so much detail, which may consequently pull them off. Rather, knowing them ahead helps you present relevant, accurate and meaningful progress.

• Go visual
The next thing you need to do is to go visual. It is said that a picture is worth a million words, yes this is so true when it comes to presentation such as this. Remember you’ve got little to make this presentation, instead of wasting a ton of time reading and reading your points, you should include easily understood picture into the progress presentation.
But note, don’t include complex charts that may need up to 20 minutes to explain. Avoid those and use some relatable charts, which the audience can easily see and discern immediately the points you’re trying to pass across.

• Include data and numbers
Another crucial thing you want to do to ensure effective progress presentation is to include data and numbers in your presentation. Data is but the language of the management, no more, no less. Whatever information you provide, ensure you back it up with data.
Also, it’s crucial you speak with inclinations with data than just the normal theoretical presentation. Whenever you think it may fit in well, use data as the it speaks volumes to the management.

Overall, as nerve-wracking as presentation of progress to the management can be, you can still have a great presentation if you follow these tips. When strictly adhered to, you’ll not only wow the management but they see you as an effective and result-driven project manager. You sure know what that portends? A raise in salary and awards!

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