How your business can benefit from a Certified Kanban Coach®

We have all heard about using a holistic method to solving or remedying your health issues. Did you know there is a holistic approach you can use to improving your company’s health as well?

Welcome to Kanban.

The Kanban system was created by Toyota years ago. The idea behind it was to introduce to the business world a new generation of working conditions in management, planning and other areas of business. It has a very structured outline and has contributed to making some of the top businesses in the world successful. When properly used the Kanban, system will save time and money while producing reliable top quality products.

Kanban’s main purpose is to effectively eliminate overproduction which means taking control over all production steps. By doing this it helps maintain smooth production control allowing for an efficient process.

Kanban is a Japanese word which means “card”. The system uses cards that have several meanings such as representing things such as withdrawal, deposit and many other signals which help developing and practicing a smooth flow of business in production.

Although the Kanban system has been taught by others in the past, IBQMI® has brought the certification process to the forefront by offering training on the internet. You can now have a staff member(s) study the Kanban system and get them certified. IBQMI® is the only Organization on the market that offers the „Certified Kanban Coach®“ certification - and you can apply now.

You will learn exactly what Kanban is, how it operates and what are its advantages over other approaches for management development. You will be offered advanced training while learning how to apply Kanban to various scenarios and be exposed to case studies.

What’s next?
To learn the Kanban 101 at team-level, enroll in the IBQMI® Approved Kanban Professional.
If you want to apply Kanban to any environment at an advanced coach level, you should enroll in the Certified Kanban Coach®.

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