IBQMI® Appoints New CEO for the Asia Pacific

IBQMI® Board of Directors has appointed Marcello Raffaele Avagliano as the CEO for global operations at headquarters located in Shanghai. IBQMI® is an industry-standard setting training and certification institution that provides a full spectrum of easily accessible online training programs. 

CEO for global operations at headquarters located in Shanghai

Mr. Avagliano's appointment came at a time when the company intended to expand in the Asian Pacific region. While welcoming the new appointee, the IBQMI® Director, Ken Davis, said Mr. Avagliano brings in rich experience and will be instrumental in the expansion in the Asia Pacific region. 

"Together with the steering committee, we recommend Marcello Raffaele Avagliano for the position of CEO IBQMI® Asia Pacific. For many years, Marcello was our managing director EU/UK, and his performance was exceptional. Marcello is fearless in his business approach, and his instincts are impeccable," said Davis. 

Prior to this appointment, the new CEO for the Asia Pacific served as the Managing Director EU/UK. In this capacity, he was responsible for IBQMI's European growth strategy, implementing key business development programs, and facilitating IBQMI's business standards. According to the representative of the IBQMI® Board of Directors, Mr. Avagliano had shown great leadership capabilities and ability to steer the company forward despite the global challenges facing the world today.

The decision to promote him was made on the basis of his experience and great potential to lead a global organization and his demonstrated leadership abilities in growing numerous projects over the past five years.

He is currently rated as one of IBQMI's best employees, a highly educated individual, and a senior leader.

While acknowledging the appointment and thanking the board of directors, Mr. Avagliano said the China and Pacific market had experienced great growth recently, with the in-demand Kanban and other certifications offered by IBQMI® gaining prominence among the professionals. 

"Scientific and technological innovation has played an essential role in China's economic development. IBQMI® is a leading international brand, and I am grateful for the trust I have been given to establish it in the Asian market," said Mr. Avagliano, adding that he is ready to steer the company in the right direction.

For more information, visit www.ibqmi.org.

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