IBQMI® approved Kanban professionals Playing an Instrumental Role in Popularizing Kanban

Professionals are looking for ways to save on resources while delivering results efficiently and faster. Kanban, one of the  production models that give these, has experienced a boom. According to a representative from IBQMI, an institution that offers approved Kanban professional certification, Kanban is experiencing a surge in popularity has doubled its reach. 

IBQMI® has been one of the prominent Kanban supporters

IBQMI-approved Kanban professional is one of the most prestigious Kanban certifications for team members and is considered the Gold Standard in the industry. 

Popularizing Kanban
As an institution that operates as an independent and international institute, engaging in the development, adoption, and use of globally accepted knowledge and practices for information and management systems, IBQMI® has been very instrumental in popularising Kanban. 
The institute has been providing practical guidance, benchmarks, and other effective tools for all enterprises that use information systems. Over the years, it has been defining the roles of professionals in information systems, security, auditing, and quality assurance worldwide.

IBQMI® has been one of the prominent Kanban supporters. Over the years, they have helped develop the agile community with their certifications. Now that Kanban is rising, IBQMI® feels it is a good idea for professionals and team members involved in projects and production activities to get a certification that will help them manage resources effectively. 

"It is a good idea for people to get certified with our certification for their careers' progression and improved productivity," said a representative of IBQMI. 

Alden James, the Head of Products, added that the IBQMI-approved Kanban professional® certification is the gold standard in the industry and has been very successful. "It is by far the most respected and successful certification in the Kanban community. Obtaining this certification can help professionals reach new heights in their careers," said Alden James.

With the IBQMI® Kanban professional certification, a professional is taught what Kanban is and how it helps in maintaining a high level of production without overloading the project team of the business. An IBQMI-approved Kanban professional will understand the difference between this certification and others, providing a strong foundation in recreating Kanban principles in an organization or a project. Application of this certification ensures faster output and transparency in the whole development cycle.

For the last four years, IBQMI® has been providing training in the industry. "Our success with training in Kanban, and using the IBQMI APPROVED KANBAN PROFESSIONAL® as our main product, has been exemplary. Our goal is to provide the highest quality training and materials possible so that our clients can successfully apply Kanban methods in their organizations," said Amir Syed, CEO of the Consultancy Emirates, an award-winning Dubai-based consultancy.

For more information here: https://www.ibqmi.org/certifications/approved-kanban-professional

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