IBQMI ATP® program is now qualifying education providers

IBQMI® has established the IBQMI ATP® program that qualifies education providers and training institutions who seek excellence in the field. IBQMI ACCREDITED TRAINING PARTNER® (IBQMI ATP®)are authorized to give training to prospective students, use the highly coveted IBQMI ATP® logo, and charge students using their own pricing model. IBQMI® is giving ATPs up to forty percent discount on student enrollment fees.

IBQMI ATP® - a seal of quality and assurance

While making the announcement, an IBQMI® representative said that an approved partner is only supposed to enroll a few students to recover the initial investment, which is normally outside the training fees earned from the learners.

IBQMI® brand can help accredited training partners gain instant recognition as well as benefit from the marketing and sales support that the institution offers to its partners. Partners also stand to gain more credibility and a chance to attract more students with their IBQMI® status. The institution representative said it is a seal of quality and assurance that students acquire the proper training to help them receive their certification. The company also revealed that ATPs get more exposure with the partnership by being listed on IBQMI ATP® Directory, where organizations and individuals find the nearest ATPs that meet their training needs.
To ensure quality training in accordance with IBQMI® standards, the institution conducts an evaluation process. With mature business practices and courses, it awards the IBQMI® ATP status to those aligned with its core values.

To get the IBQMI ATP® status, trainers and education providers are required to fill out an application form. IBQMI® will then send the necessary requirements through email. The applicant should provide supporting documents such as the Article of Incorporation and a duly signed application form. A Quality Reviewer is then assigned to assess the applicant. Upon passing the audit, an acknowledgment and an invoice will be sent by email.

Ken Davis, the IBQMI® Director, said their reduced offer price of up to 40% discount aims at helping their ATPs earn more. "We want to ensure that once you join us, you can recover your investment by enrolling just 10-15 students, and even more," added Davis, conveying that training organizations can get an advantage by enrolling as a training partner.

For more information, visit https://www.ibqmi.org/atp.

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