IBQMI® Expanding into the Asia Pacific Market with a New Learning Platform

With Kanban booming in China, IBQMI®, one of the pioneers of Kanban, is now expanding into the Asia Pacific market with a new learning platform.

IBQMI® will be running a new training and certification portal in Chinese

IBQMI® is taking advantage of the Kanban boom in China and the Pacific to expand its training

With Kanban booming in China and other Asian Pacific markets, IBQMI®, one of the pioneers of Kanban, has taken advantage of this. It is now expanding into the Asia Pacific market with a new learning platform. IBQMI® will be running a new training and certification portal in Chinese for the Asia Pacific market where together with its partners, it will offer training in other professional certifications aside from the Kanban method.

While making the announcement, Marcello Raffaele Avagliano, the Managing Director EU/ASIA, said IBQMI® is passionate about helping educate business and IT professionals. To support the passion, IBQMI® recently launched the Asian Pacific website to our massive audience in over 70 countries. Avagliano acknowledges that their audience is diverse in the fast-growing economies such as China, courtesy of the booming IT and BPM services market.

With their certifications being internationally recognized by major corporations, IBQMI® will push their expertise to a broader audience by creating online educational opportunities for the Asian market.

IBQMI® study program spread interests in business management and IT. As the leading academic platform in the industry that offers a full spectrum of easily accessible online training programs, the certification organization believes that the new website will increase the group's presence in the Asia Pacific area.

Marcello Raffaele Avagliano observes that in the last 60 years, Asia has experienced spectacular economic growth and has become a breeding ground for fast-moving, innovative, and competitive businesses that can grow with IBQMI®.
"Our mission is to make our industry expertise and experience available to the Chinese market, and we would like to support the development of the Asian market," said Marcello while expounding their role in the emerging markets.

While hailing the expansion, Nicholas Young of Leanpro Trainings Australia, an IBQMI ACCREDITED TRAINING PARTNER®, said they have profited from the partnership. "We expect to see a profitable business relationship with their expansion to Asia. I am really excited to have this new opportunity to penetrate the Asian market," said Nicholas Young while welcoming IBQMI® in the Asia Pacific region.

With Kanban and the IBQMI® rising in the region, the company representative believed this, combined with the vast connection of training partners, can meet the professional and industry needs.

For more details about the company and its expansion to Asia, visit its international website at:www.ibqmi.org or Asia website at: www.ibqmi.cn

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