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Keeping ahead of the competition in the business market has become an essential goal for companies. Many industries are saturated and competition is not only becoming tougher but closer. A minute innovation or unique strategy can change the pace for your organization. In order to stay ahead, organizations are continuously investing efforts and resources to optimize their processes.

The original Certified Kanban Coach®

One of the main processes of any business is the supply chain. An essential factor of the supply chain is just in time (JIT) manufacturing. Organizations with high demand have to be quick with their inventory control so the customers are not left waiting for their required products.

Kanban is a technique invented by Taiichi Ohno. Ohno is an industrial engineer at Toyota, a name well-known across the globe. The method was developed in order to enhance the manufacturing efficiency. Since the idea began, it has been generalized to be applied to different sectors apart from the automobile industry.

Explaining Kanban
Kanban is a word from the Japanese Language. When translated into English, it literally means a signboard or billboard. The method has become an effective tool that helps run a production system. Initially developed for the mass producing cars process, it can easily be tweaked to apply to any management of a production line.

How it Works
Kanban brings inventory levels and actual consumption side by side. The process is designed to produce an indicator that signals the supplier to produce and deliver a shipment when materials have been used. These indicators or signals can be tracked through the replenishment cycle. The advantage is the progress is visible to the supplier, consumer and the buyer.

Kanban Certification
The Kanban certification is available in the market so as to learn about it and become an expert. However, most Kanban certifications are limited to the IT sector. This is a big hurdle for those in others sectors ready to utilize the benefits of Kanban.

Kanban Certification from IBQMI®
IBQMI® is specializing in providing the Kanban certification. Their Certified Kanban Coach® program is the only certification in the market not limited to the IT industry. Moreover, they are the only institute, as of now, that are allowed to award the Certified Kanban Coach® title.

Features of the Certification
The official Kanban Certified Coach title from IBQMI® is a unique opportunity for learners who want to perfect their Kanban technique. The certification teaches about Kanban, Kanban systems, origins and history of the method. Proceeding further from the basic concepts, the title includes the teaching of Toyota’s six rules and how to implement the process. The certification is further divided into various modules that are all aimed at a comprehensive learning of the entire concept of Kanban.
As a result of gaining the Certified Kanban Coach® title, you will achieve the professional excellence of applying Kanban to any environment.

The IBQMI® institute is dedicated to providing the state of the art education on Kanban. You will take away great benefits concerned with the professional development and optimization of the supply chain process of your organization as well.

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