IBQMI® Launches Innovative Platform to Celebrate Success Stories of Global Student Base

New website feature provides an interactive stage for students to share their experiences and gain significant career exposure. We are excited to launch a unique initiative on our website that showcases the diverse portfolio of our students worldwide. The feature offers invaluable insights into the broad distribution of IBQMI® students across numerous companies and industries, highlighting the widespread relevance of their certifications.

Unique opportunity for students to share their experiences

"Our student base is a rich tapestry of professionals from pioneering organizations pushing the boundaries of innovation," says Ken Davis, Managing Director at IBQMI®. 

"We're proud to serve students from top-tier global companies such as Apple, Tesla, IBM, and more. This platform allows us to spotlight their journey and achievements."

The website presents insightful data about the students, including their gender, passing rate, and the industry they work in, offering a deeper understanding of evolving trends across various sectors through the lens of IBQMI®'s educational offerings. Moreover, IBQMI® has created a unique opportunity for students to share their experiences with their globally recognized certification programs. This initiative not only allows students to narrate their journey but also helps them boost their professional visibility.

In return for providing their information and a testimonial, IBQMI® will offer a backlink to their LinkedIn profile on the website, driving traffic and expanding their professional network. This creates a win-win situation for both the students and the organization.

"We believe that our students' journeys are unique and inspiring, and we're thrilled to bring these stories into the spotlight," adds Davis. "Their feedback not only aids us in enhancing our services but also offers valuable insights to our global community."

IBQMI® invites all its students to submit their story, share their experience, and increase their professional reach. To participate, students can visit


and click on "Submit your story."

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