We have launch of our innovative, stand-alone IBQMI TQM PRACTITIONER® program. TQM Practitioners are professional managers and industry supervisors who specialize in cost and defect reduction for high-volume processes, while also helping to support techniques learned and implemented by IBQMI's popular IBQMI TQM TRAINER® program. TQM Practitioners are facilitators of TQM practices and protocols, earning certification in a fast-tracked program learning to do "the right things, right the first time, every time."


"Our IBQMI TQM TRAINER® program is already the gold standard in the industry," said Marcello Raffaele Avagliano, Managing Director EU at IBQMI®. "And that is why we're meeting a high demand for more TQM training for other employees – specifically with this new IBQMI TQM PRACTITIONER® certification. The Practitioner program teaches a different angle of practice than that engaged by Trainers, but together, the two certifications work in synergy to help the flow of any organization. And because TQM Training is already one of the most in-demand certifications on the market, we fully expect registration for this new TQM Practitioner program to be just as vigorous."

TQM Practitioners perform a variety of important tasks helping lead and direct the work of others, and can assist certified TQM Trainers with implementation and planning of business and organizational goals that focus on quality control as a top priority. With TQM Practitioner training, quality control is viewed as an integrated process of systems rather than merely a set of criteria. Practitioners also focus on teaching those processes to the entire company/organization. Specific objectives of the Practitioner program include:

Enroll in the IBQMI TQM PRACTITIONER® Our award industry-recognized IBQMI TQM PRACTITIONER® certification program is widely accepted as the gold standard in the industry.

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