IBQMI® Leading the Way in the Promotion of Sustainable Business Practices

IBQMI® has gone green by running green data centers that wholly depend on renewable energy. The company has been providing training and certification aimed at maintaining quality standards in business and professional practices. These are great moves for the environment and future generations. 

IBQMI® recognizes the need to reduce environmental impact.

The world is aiming at reaching net-zero emission within the shortest time possible. To achieve this, individuals and business communities have taken the initiative to reduce their carbon footprint. IBQMI®, the company that provides industry-standard setting training, has gone green. The certification institution that provides a full spectrum of easily accessible online training programs has joined many other corporations in the world, aiming to reduce the impact their operations have on the environment. 

While explaining how his organization has gone green, Alden James, the Head of Products at IBQMI®, said they are committed to eco-friendly practices. "At IBQMI®, we recycle more, produce minimal toxic emissions, and generate less waste. Our long-term commitment is to power all data centers with 100 percent renewable energy," said James.

IBQMI® recognizes the need to reduce environmental impact. Melissa Hayes, the Customer Success Team Lead, said they are fully aware of the damaging effect of operations that are not geared towards the effective use of resources. As part of their green initiative, the company has been operating data centers that are powered by 100% renewable energy. 

According to the recent reports on energy consumption in data centers, power consumption is the largest component of the operation cost. With the data centers accounting for two percent of the global energy consumption, businesses have been encouraged to reduce energy needs and, more importantly, source it from renewable means. 

IBQMI® has heeded this call, according to Melissa Hayes. "Our company is dedicated to going green as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This helps us be socially accountable not only to ourselves but also to our stakeholders and the public," expressed Melissa.

Melissa observed that numerous benefits come with lessening environmental impact by reducing waste, using renewable energy, and performing most activities online. She witnessed that organizations that promote environmental responsibility play a significant role in helping people understand the importance of making green choices. Some of the benefits derived from promoting sustainable business practices include reduced reliance on dirty energy, improved public health, and economic savings.

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