IBQMI® Offers Their ATP 40% Discount On Student Enrollment Fees

May 20, 2019- International Business And Quality Management Institute, IBQMI®, proudly announce they are giving their existing and new Accredited Training Partners (ATPs) up to 40% discount on student enrollment fees. Educational providers and training institutions can take full advantage of this new offer coupled with other industry leading benefits offered by IBQMI®.

Gain greater credibility and immediate recognition as an IBQMI ACCREDITED TRAINING PARTNER®

Accredited Training Partners working with IBQMI® are authorized to give trainings to prospective students, use the highly coveted ATP logo and charge their students using their own pricing model while keeping the full tuition fees. Furthermore, IBQMI® provides a free events system to their ATPs with access to a high-traffic IBQMI® portal which they can use in their marketing.

"Our reduced purchase price of up to 40% discount is another way we are helping our ATPs earn more. We want to ensure that once you join us, you can recover your $800 investment by enrolling just 10-15 students, and even more!" Says Ken Davis, Director.

He says further, "We have a strong brand that can help you gain instant recognition. Beyond this, we help our partners in their marketing and sales by providing them support and a brand that industry professionals trust. Once we review and approve your proposal to be a partner, you only need to enroll a few students for you to recover your initial investment, this is outside the training fees you will earn from your students."

Partners can gain more credibility and attract more students with their IBQMI® status which is a seal of quality and assurance that students can get the proper training to help them receive their certification. ATPs get more exposure by being listed on IBQMI® ATP Directory where organizations and individuals can quickly find the nearest ATPs that meets their training needs.

For more information, visit https://www.ibqmi.org/atp

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