IBQMI® opens new Think Tank and Innovation Hub in Silicon Valley / California

The new think tank and innovation center will be a research and development hub of new opportunities in agile management and enterprise-level certifications. IBQMI® has opened a new think tank and innovation hub in Silicon Valley, California. The industry-standard institution that recently expanded to China and the Pacific region dedicated the facility to research and development, focusing on the latest technological advancements.

Perfect choice for a location

While announcing the opening of the new hub, Ken Davis, Director of IBQMI®, emphasized the organization's commitment to innovation and development. "We look forward to leveraging the world-class resources of this vibrant region to bring our students even more value," added Davis while outlining the purpose of the new center.

IBQMI® has been providing original certifications in more than 70 countries worldwide. These certifications include the first Scrumban certification available on the market as well as the Kanban Certification, which includes IT and Automotive Industry and Continuous Delivery for Industry 4.0.

Davis said Silicon Valley was chosen as a new think tank and innovation hub by design. "Silicon Valley is an ideal place for our business with a thriving environment for entrepreneurs and startups, as well as ample access to venture capital, talent, and networking," said Davis. He also added that this region perfectly suited their company's needs and is an excellent place for their company to grow.

Thomas Stewart, the Account Executive at IBQMI, said that conference, meeting attendance, and even casual street interactions could lead to beneficial connections and relationships. He added that the talent pool in Silicon Valley is plentiful and offers some of the best networking opportunities on the planet.

Business partners can now find the IBQMI® innovation hub in the new address:
International Business and Quality Management Institute LLC
611 Gateway Blvd, Suite 120
San Francisco, California, 94080
United States of America

As a major voice in establishing best practices, IBQMI® has been helping students adapt to industry changes and requirements. All its certifications are protected and can only be awarded by the certification body. The enterprise-level certificates allow practitioners to identify the correct ROI with automatizations while also helping companies and team members put that training into practice.

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