IBQMI® Setting a New Path in Preservation of the Natural Environment and Rich Biodiversity

While most businesses and individuals buy land for speculation purposes or with an aim to build real estate or engage in farming, few buy it for special purposes. IBQMI®, an industry-standard setting training and certification institution, is among the few. The institution is in the process of securing land to preserve its natural environment and rich diversity. According to the company representative, the land will not be developed. Instead, it will be protected for the benefit of all forms of life.

The land will be protected for the benefit of all forms of life

"We intend to secure the land in order to preserve its natural environment and rich biodiversity. We are buying it not for speculation or the construction of buildings but it is land that we want to utilize for future development. The land will be used for the conservation of biodiversity. That is wildlife, animals, and plant life," said the representative while explaining the intention of this investment. 

Recently, institutions and individuals have engaged in activities aimed at preserving the environment; some through their operations while others go a mile ahead by doing it as part of their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) objectives.

Environmental analysts hail the IBQMI® initiative stating that companies in the 21st century should emulate the institution and show commitment to preserving the natural environment and rich biodiversity.

Through financing projects that pursue these goals, businesses can achieve something that benefits people, the planet, and profit. 

"The health of our planet is inextricably linked to the well-being of our economy, and numerous studies have shown that a healthy environment is a key to sustainable growth," said a leading environmentalist while noting the increase in customers' desires for responsibly-sourced products.

IBQMI® said that their financial strategies are centered on backing ventures that positively impact the environment: conservation, restoration, and sustainable livelihoods for local people. "At IBQMI®, we are willing to invest in our nature and our future. The benefits of this include maintaining air quality, reducing erosion, and preserving resources for future generations. We aim to conserve, restore, and support sustainable livelihoods for local communities through our projects. We believe that by taking this approach, we can help to protect our environment and create lasting benefits for the people who live near it," added Ken Davis, the Director of IBQMI®.

Marcello Raffaele Avagliano, Managing Director EU/ASIA, also declared that the decision to secure land is part of their sustainable development. He stated that the current generation has the responsibility of ensuring that those who come after us enjoy the same benefits. 

"As a father of three children, I am very happy about the decision to secure land in order to preserve its natural environment and rich biodiversity. The nature conservancy of IBQMI® will help to protect natural habitats and wildlife. By doing this, we will provide a space for plant and animal life to thrive in order to safeguard the environment," said Avagliano, appealing to all the CEOs worldwide to consider giving up profit for a moment and participate in such action.

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