IBQMI®: Unveiling a Revolutionary News Publishing Platform for Guest Authors

In an industry-first initiative, IBQMI®, a globally recognized leader in professional certifications, has launched an innovative News Publishing Platform for guest authors. This groundbreaking feature will allow professionals to share their industry-specific insights and thought leadership with a global audience, revolutionizing the way knowledge is disseminated in the business and IT sectors. Understanding the critical role of continuous learning and upskilling in today's rapidly evolving industries, IBQMI® has designed this platform to offer numerous benefits to the authors, including increased exposure, networking opportunities, professional development, and a unique chance to contribute to knowledge sharing on an international scale.

Innovative News Publishing Platform for Guest Authors

The new submission packages on the IBQMI® News Publishing Platform include a One-Time Submission Package priced at $100 and a Premium Subscription Package at $120 per month. These packages are meticulously designed to provide authors with priority access, advanced features, and a robust platform to share their expertise.

Ken Davis, Managing Director USA at IBQMI®, has expressed his enthusiasm about these offerings. "We aim to revolutionize industry norms by creating a platform where professionals can contribute their insights, engage in meaningful discussions, and gain international recognition. The submission packages we have developed are a testament to this commitment," he stated.

This initiative underscores IBQMI®'s unwavering dedication to fostering a culture of knowledge sharing and thought leadership. By providing a powerful platform for authors to amplify their voices, IBQMI® reinforces its position as an authoritative force in the realm of business and IT certification.

In alignment with our mission to shape the future of various sectors through knowledge-based empowerment, we invite authors from diverse backgrounds to submit their original articles. We welcome a wide range of topics, including but not limited to project management, quality assurance, agile methodologies, and business analysis.

Join us in this transformative journey by submitting your articles today at 


and showcase your expertise to a global audience.

Unleash Your Voice in the World of IT and Management!

Are you passionate about sharing your insights with a global audience? Do you want your news to reach new heights through SEO optimizations and strategic visibility? IBQMI® welcomes aspiring authors like you to contribute to our platform! Your stories matter, and we're here to amplify your voice in the ever-evolving fields of IT and Management. Join our community of professionals and let your expertise shine.

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