Important Principles That Guide Business Quality

Without a doubt, Total Quality Management (TQM) is an approach employed by enterprises to successfully attain improved business processes. This is an approach that focuses on quality while reducing the waste generated within the organization. Here some of the important principles of TQM that guide the quality of a business.

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You must manage quality
When it comes down to quality, you’ve got to work it all out for you company. It’s not by a sudden fight for it takes some efforts. The low-grade business processes of any enterprise can be changed if you’re willing to put in the time and resources to turn things around.
To ensure operational excellence, pay close attention to the daily activities of the organization and work on improving deficient areas.

Blame the processes not people
Another important principle is to always blame the processes for the quality problems you may be having first. You don’t start thinking the employees are the problems here. When a process is causing quality challenges, no amount of experts you hire can rectify these problems.
Your best bet is to always have employees in the best of business process to attain improved and sustainable production. This will also result into effective performance.

Endeavor to find and fix the cause of the challenges
You also want to ensure that you find time to check where the quality problems come from. You can use the 5-Whys Analysis to detect where it all originated from. Check the process thoroughly and engage the employees to see if they know something about the problems.

Ensure you measure the quality level
There’s no way you can discover the amount of mistakes in the process if you fail to measure the quality. You’ve got to put the quality into quantity and scale it. When you do so, you’ll know what sigma you’re currently on.

Each person is responsible
Another essential principle that guides business quality is for each and everyone in the process to be responsible. You all have a role to play in ensuring the highest form of quality in the enterprise. This way, there’ll be reduced amounts of rejects, returns and rework.

Be consistent in the quest
You don’t want to strive hard today to ensure quality deliverables and pay less attention to it tomorrow. No, this won’t yield any tangible result for TQM is a day to day exercise, which needs to be prioritized.

Long term investment
You can’t achieve sustainable quality deliverables without being on a long-term investment. This requires the manager to promote improvement workshops in the organization to learn more about quality delivery on at least annual base.

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