Leadership and Project Management

The success or otherwise of a project depends largely on the quality of the leader (Project Manager). He is responsible though not solely to see to the overall success of the project. In as much as the success of a project is in the hands of the leader, the project and the project manager cannot be distinctively segregated. While the outcome of the project shows the qualities and competence of a project and vice versa. A capable project manager would in turn churn out mouth watering project while an average or a less competent project manager would deliver an average or below average project.

The project manager cannot be dissociated from the project, the latter is a product of the former.

So, a project manager in the execution of his duties in a project actualization performs the following :

1. Planning : this has to do with the preparation for course of action towards the project. The manager as a leader in this regard draws out the objectives of the project, the duration of completion, what it would cost to complete it etc.

2. Budgeting : here, the project manager prepares a financial plan of the expected revenue needed to complete the project. Budgeting has to do with preparing a comprehensive financial cost of running the project, the amount needed to procure materials needed and remuneration of the team members.

3. Coordinating and Directing : the twin tasks here are quite similar. The project manager as a leader directs the affairs of the team members towards achieving a common goal. This task is very important. It is here that the manager brings his experience and expertise into action, he pulls human and material resources together towards a common goal. The action or otherwise of the manager can make or mar the progress or otherwise of the project.

4. Staffing : this has to do with recruitment and remuneration of staffs (team members) needed to bring the project to actualization. The project manager recruits the necessary human personnel needed to work together on the project, negotiate and remunerate them based on agreement and maintains communication with them. The human relations skill here is highly needed as the manager will have to work hand in hand with team members.

In the legal framework, the project manager is responsible to the project, and takes full responsibility for the outcome if it. Though, depending on the contract and laws of the land.
When a project comes out good, the project manager and the client get the credit. A good project would automatically gives the project manager a recommendation and guarantee for another project and vice versa. Obviously, one good term deserves another, a thoroughly completed project in good faith would bring in more orders for the project manager. The effect of this therefore suffices to say that the project and the project manager are inseparable. The project is the product of the project manager, while the manager takes responsibility for the project.

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