Motivation: An Essential Soft Skill for Successful Project Execution

If there is one skill every project manager must have, it’s got to be motivation. Proper project execution can’t be achieved without this skill. It’s a crucial soft skill that’s always in the toolkit of every project manager. Your guess is right, after all! Team members also need motivation and as a matter of fact, they have to carry along anytime, any day. Successful project execution doesn’t rest solely on how effective or motivated the team leader is, it’s a collective effort and without motivated team members, nothing is achievable. But the skill doesn’t appear any syllabus while studying at the university but in the present business space, it’s a well known currency every employee and project manager spends.

Motivation is an essential soft skill

Factors that determines motivation
There are a couple of factors that determine how motivated are team members and project manager to carry out tasks. There are as listed below:
• Advancement: Naturally people are always motivated to carry out tasks that will advance their careers. It’s more like a fuel that gives that unending passion to do more.
• Achievement: As a project manager, you sure want to accomplish the milestones set right off the bat the management approved a project. That alone gives unimaginable energy that makes you overwork.
• Autonomy: There are a ton of people who get motivated when you leave them to carry out a task with little or no supervision. It’s that simple, they want to show and prove their ingenuity before the management.
• Recognition: It’s one of those reasons why people overwork most times. They want the management to give them warming handshakes after the completion of the project. “wow, you did it’’. Everyone loves to hear phrases like this said to them.
• Personal growth: Taking on a new and challenging tasks fuels a whole of people sometimes, most especially the high-fliers. They want to learn new skills and break boundaries, that alone motivates them to do more.
• Responsibility: The truth is, every leader has that innate desire to get things done. To coordinate teams to complete tasks. Hence, this thought process alone offers enough motivation to do more.

Motivation Vs Vision
Another thing a great project manager should focus on is to share his vision with his team members. that singular alone will provide great motivation to get the project done as easy and effective as possible. Knowing the vision of the project and how it’ll help them as well in terms of career progression, will make them go the extra mile to do great job.
Once the project manager communicate the vision of the project and what’s in there for them as a team, the most unserious of the team members may become a shining example to follow as this gives strong motivation.

Motivation is undoubtedly an essential soft skill needed to carry out tasks successfully in any organization, it’s no rocket science to come by, share the vision of the project, don’t stalk any team members and some points mentioned can help gain that motivation to carry out that tasks successfully.

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