Pros and Cons of Virtual Teams for Your Business

There are a ton of benefits associated with virtual team for your organization. Advantages such as savings on expenses, increased productivity, flexibility and a host of others but as with anything, it’s got some disadvantages as well. In this post, you’ll learn about some advantages and disadvantages of virtual team for your enterprise. This will assist you in making an informed decision of having a virtual team or not. Let’s dive right into it.

Pros of virtual teams

Saving on expenses
If you’re using a virtual team, you won’t have to spend money on office space, utilities, real estate, etc. You won’t have to worry about the expansion of the organization when you’re using virtual team.

Increased productivity
There’s every tendency of increased productivity when an employee is working from home. At home office, there won’t be the usual rules and regulations that worry a ton of employees. Employees work quite well when they aren’t disturbed with frequent calls and distractions from their colleagues.

Scheduling flexibility
The flexibility offers by virtual team is such an amazing thing. Due to time differences across the world, some employees may be starting off their assignments, while others may be rounding off theirs at some other places.
This means the company is functioning around the clock without hindrance. Flexibility gives room for the employees to work at their best times. An employee doesn’t have to work during the day if he feels he works best at night.

Virtual team offers some additional bonuses such as easy access to healthier food, flexibility of work, multitasking, etc. With these bonuses, life becomes easier for any employees to easily work with your organization.

Cons of virtual teams

Lack of trust
One of the limitations of virtual team is that manager tends to have trust in an employee not getting the job done on time. They are always concern about the possibility of some employees not meeting up with the deadlines.

At some point, some employees may begin to feel lonely due to the virtual team they belong to. Since they rarely meet in person, some employees may begin to feel isolated and socially distant.

Cost of technology
Running a virtual team means you’ll be spending some extra bucks monthly on some high-end technologies to keep the team together. You’ll have to pay for some premium access to some apps and technologies in order to accommodate the team.

So you’ve got to look at the pros and cons of running a virtual team and what your vision and mission of your organization are. Then you can decide if it’s worth it or not.

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