Relation between Kaizen, Agility, and the Certified Scrumban Practitioner®

The agile setup is not a “big-bang” event. It is a continuous process which should be introduced carefully. There should be a constant improvement until certain a degree of maturity is achieved. But, as in the nature of all things, there is sometimes no progression or even small regressions. The “process driver” should not be faster than the whole organization.

Scrumban can help by explaining the need to understand your own processes

Scrum says nothing about how and how carefully agility should be implemented. Some organizations are sometimes overstrained if they had been working as a “non-agile” company for decades. Scrumban can help with this phase by explaining the need to understand their own processes and to make them transparent. It raises throughput and lead time step by step. It is the duty of the management to achieve a holacratic environment for all employees.

Kaizen and human endeavor
Agile forms on their own are not the magic bullet. Often, they are sold for everything, but they will not solve anything when the employees are not willing to improve themselves step by step, like in Kanban’s Kaizen. In Kaizen, process improvements are achieved by finding disturbance within the system and will be rewarded. Also, you cannot set up any agile form if the human endeavor is not there.
Therefore, long-term relationships, servant leadership, fair trading for employees and all the modern management techniques such as Management 3.0 are introduced into an organization. While Scrum is describing a final form, Scrumban helps with Kaizen, which is a showpiece of Scrumban.

While Scrum is often very strict in the introduction of mandatory cross-functional teams, Scrumban considers the organizational culture. Every team and every organization is different, and needs time to adapt an agile process. This is kept in mind for Scrumban. Scrumban also considers the different cultures working together in a team or organization, while Scrum has no answer for it nor can explain it. Scrumban also takes system thinking, the “Shu-Ha-Ri” transformation and different human cultures and religions into account.
Scrumban tells the members in which phase they are currently in, such as “Shu,” “Ha,” or “Ri,” and gives different recommendations.

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