Scrumban - About Vision Mission, and Goals

It is important that leaders spell out the vision but keep in mind the alignment of key purposes. This can be attained by gathering the opinion of everybody in the whole organization. A vision board with one concise vision statement, captured it in one or two sentences, ensures that it is both clear and easy to understand. This could be targeting the business goals of the product, the key components, or the target group of users.

Vision, Mission, and Goals

The vision must always be aligned with the core values of an organization. Th most important aspect, however, is to make this vision transparent to every angle of the organization, so that it can be seen by everybody every day. The vision does not describe how to achieve it, this is done by the Mission.
Scrumban provides new metrics like profitability, market position, sales growth or the company’s value proposition. Scrumban can also assist if visions tend to be too far away from the team’s horizons, meaning that they have not established achievable commitments. A clear vision is key to Scrumban and should be written in large letters for the whole system, team and company to see.

The mission defines the business of the organization. It explains why the organization exists, the aim of the business and how the organization can achieve its mission. Regarding decisions, it serves as a general guide.
The mission says in a more operational way how the vision should be lived through the daily attitude of all elements of the system—especially the leadership. Like the vision, the mission should be a sentence (or two at most) that floats above everything, the system, the team, and the entire organization. The mission essentially describes how the vision should be implemented.

Goals define the concrete steps in a tactical way and determine how the organizational mission can be achieved within a given time period. It is important that teams can break down the overall vision to the team’s mission and goals by packing proposed outcomes and timelines onto their own vision board. Scrumban helps teams to overcome challenges by emphasizing the discovery of these goals. It shares a common understanding of information needed to fill the gap between the overall vision, the organization’s mission and the team goals.
While the vision and mission often come from the leadership and its stakeholders, the goals should be written concretely by the team and—similar to the vision and the mission—should be visible to the whole process, team and organization.

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