Scrumban for Project Management

Project management simply is the supervision of project activities by the reliance on skills, expertise, knowledge, strategies designed to ensure the successful outcome of a project. Additionally, every project management expert desires methods for a more effective work flow during the duration of the project. This is where Agile systems such as Scrum and Kaban.

Scrumban allows the team to better understand their progress

Scrumban however is best part of both Scrum and Kaban combined. It is a great support tool in project management as it takes the best characteristics and features of both Kaban and Scrum, thus utilizing it for better results.

Scrumban has become such a popular tool used by project managers because it has greatly increased the manufacturing and production efficiency in various organizations. Scrumban is further focused on customer satisfaction, by prioritizing tasks which are overall to the requirements of the customers. It reduces overload due to the stress collected by to much tasks. It focuses firstly on the tasks which would boost the overall outcome of the project and how would a customer not be satisfied by this! Scrumban also is flexible in its work flow process as it adopts the the flexibility feature in Kandan.

Advantages of engaging scramban for project management
As it was earlier stated, Scrumban has become very popular because of its ability to deliver! It maximizes the work flow and highly boosts success rates of projects. Thus the reason many project managers have chosen to adopt Scrumban as a tool for support.

A common phrase goes thus “Time is money”, this aspect is where Scrumban excels.
Scrumban is fully efficient in time management. This is because Scrumban adopts the Plan on demand methodology. Plans are made for the project based on the needs that arises. This then gives the team more time to focus on the actual priority tasks.

Furthermore, Scrumban utilizes visual charts and diagrams to help show statistics as well as the various faults and flaws inherent in the work flow process. It allows the team to better understand their progress as visual aid through charts and diagram is more effective than reading a long list with different statistics ad numbers which would make even accountant’s head ache.

Additionally, Scrumban makes of Restrictions on the Work in Progress. What this means is that the amount of tasks which can be undertaken are reduced. The most important tasks are included in the backclog and once these tasks have been accomplished, then the next task begins. This aids work efficiency and reduces the stress and strain on both the project manager and members of his team.

The quality of the Scrumban is top notch. As it has indoctrinated the best parts of Kanban and Scrum which are part of the leading tools for support used by project managers.

In final analysis, Scrumban greatly increases efficiency in project management. It has become known worldwide because of its outcome in various projects. It has improved various companies through efficient and effective time management, restriction on Work in Progress and is a great tool for project management.

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