Take Your Career to the Next Level with an IBQMI® Certification

Are you looking for a way to stand out in the job market and take your career to the next level? IBQMI® training and certification can help you do just that. IBQMI® is an international certification program that offers cutting-edge business skills. Read on to learn more about how this program can help you acquire new skills and give your career a boost.

Why Should I Get Certified?

In today's competitive job market, having proof of your expertise can make all the difference. Employers want to know that they're hiring the best candidate for the job, and IBQMI® certification is an excellent way to demonstrate your advanced business skills. By investing in yourself and obtaining a certification through IBQMI®, you're showing that you're committed to continuous learning and professional development.

One of the great things about getting certified with IBQMI® is how easy it is! You can choose from a variety of courses offered online, including live classes or self-paced options. This flexibility makes it easier than ever to fit certification into your busy schedule. Plus, with six months to complete the coursework successfully, you have ample time to learn at your own pace.

As an IBQMI TQM TRAINER®, you will enhance quality through systematic analysis and improvement of work processes. An IBQMI TQM TRAINER® is a corporate senior trainer who interacts with employees on-site to ensure the most effective execution of corporate standards. These coaches are typically employed to make ambitious advances in Process Improvement, Customer Satisfaction and Organizational Development. They provide guidance in leadership and the implementation of continuous improvements.

As a CERTIFIED SCRUMBAN PRACTITIONER® you will boost capabilities by using scientific methods to continually prioritize work at every decision point—even faster than in a fixed Scrum sprint cycle. This certification offers you a unique opportunity and an advantage in the job market. This certification is one of the few on the market to cover most eventualities a team will encounter and the only Scrumban certification. You will support crews and large organizations in evolving new, agile processes that suit them.

With the original CERTIFIED KANBAN COACH® we offer the only holistic approach for Kanban on the market! Our Kanban Certification includes not only IT but also Automotive Industry and Continuous Delivery for Industry 4.0. The training material goes beyond IT-Kanban. Learn from experts. This certification welcomes developers, managers, Scrum masters, and business coaches and embraces a new way to deliver value using Kanban and establishing a Kaizen culture in an organization. The certification includes Toyota’s Six Rules, a deep dive into Kanban history, and you will learn everything about the key components of Kanban – the WIP limits, Kanban cards, and Kanban walls.

The role of the –CERTIFIED LEAN PROJECT MANAGER®– within the organization is the fundamental element of sustaining the progress of lean thinking. As a –CERTIFIED LEAN PROJECT MANAGER®–, you are responsible for the planning, procurement, and execution of a project in any domain of engineering and business. The –CERTIFIED LEAN PROJECT MANAGER®– is a client representative who determines and implements solutions to meet the exact needs of the client or stakeholder based on the knowledge of the organization represented.This certification builds self-confidence in agile project management combined with lean principles. It will prepare you for greater job responsibilities and indicates your willingness to invest in professional development.

Once you've completed the coursework and passed your final assessment, you'll receive an official certificate from IBQMI® as proof of your mastery of these topics. This recognition could open up doors for new opportunities or higher salaries down the line. And if you're looking to advance within your current organization, having a certification could be just what you need to get that promotion.

Investing in yourself now through an IBQMI® certification could pay off big time later on. With internationally recognized certification in advanced business concepts, you'll be well-prepared for whatever comes next in your career. Don't wait - take advantage of this opportunity to set yourself apart from other candidates and take your career to new heights with IBQMI® certification!

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