The advantages of Using IBQMI® TQM and Six Sigma

The rise in the cost of production and the increased competition every day has become something very challenging for businesses and organizations. This is the main reason why IBQMI® TQM and lean six sigma has been developed to help you solve those problems and push your business towards the desired goals. Here are a few advantages that it gives you ...

The numerous advantages of Lean Six Sigma and IBQMI® TQM

Increase in Profit
This is the main reason why we go into business in the first place. IBQMI® TQM will help increase your profit by streamlining processes involved in the production. The products and services that your business offers would be completed faster and more efficiently, with little cost. The quality would also be there to ensure that the customer is happy with the product or service.

Decrease Costs of production
The Lean six sigma is popularly known for reducing waste and ensuring that the cost of production is kept as low as possible. With IBQMI® TQM any activity within the production chain that is not useful is eliminated to save both time and money. The method would also find problems and solve them so that they don’t cost your company money later on.
Basically, Lean six sigma makes it possible to fix the processes that make the company lose valuable resources.

Improve overall efficiency
The overall efficiency of your organization would be improved by IBQMI® TQM as it looks to maximise the hard work and deliver satisfactory products or services to the consumers in the end. It also makes it possible for the company to assign resources to the newly improved processes that would ensure that the business grows in the right direction. Lean six sigma allows businesses to create and efficient production process so that products or services can be delivered with the customer happiness guaranteed.

Higher-Quality Output
Apart from ensuring that the processes become more efficient, IBQMI® TQM and Lean six sigma are designed with the aim of improving the final product or service that is being delivered to the customer. This can be achieved by recording success in key areas like inventory control, production scheduling, quality control standards and practices and removing every quality issue that can affect the end product.

It would also identify the current company standards and work out ways to improve the services and other day to day running of their affairs.

Build effective teams
IBQMI® TQM and Lean six sigma are never about an individual or the team leader alone. It has to do with the whole team as a whole. It would make it easier for you to build a team that is made up of efficient professionals whose goals would be to achieve a high level of success. It would also help build trust amongst the workers as the trust in the system and in each other’s abilities would lead to general improvement.
For the employees, a sense of responsibility and accountability would be built, thus leading to effectiveness which will deliver better results for their projects. The numerous advantages of Lean Six Sigma combined with IBQMI® TQM have helped pushed businesses ahead of their competitors,

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