The Benefits of sticking to the Certified Lean Project Manager® framework

Going through the Certified Lean Project Manager training and get the certificate can be a challenging part, using what you have learned and applying it to your projects is the hard part. Even with training, some project managers usually slide back to their old habits and forget what they have learned and thus wouldn’t apply it.

The Certified Lean Project Manager®

However, following the IBQMI® Certified Lean Project Manager® technique can help you a lot as you will be able to avoid some of the managerial mistakes that other managers fall into. Our technique will provide your projects with a proven management framework to help you handle the tasks as they roll in. Each project will have its own problem but having the right technique or method will see that the problems don't ultimately ruin the project in the end.

Project means you are doing something new and you will definitely require the services of others to help you with it. Since it is a new project, there are certain to be uncertainty in some aspects but if you are clear in areas such as roles and responsibilities, competencies, behaviors, processes, and templates, putting together a schedule and that your team understand what exactly you expect of them, you provide the needed resources, what the project should deliver at the end and how much it will cost, then your project will be a success.

The benefits of following the Certified Lean Project Manager® framework are really simple to put into praxis but they are also very crucial to the success of the project. This technique will make it easy for the team to understand the different stages in your project, the roles assigned to each individual with the responsibility that comes attached with those roles. With this technique in place, you will be able to avoid any surprises. Here are a few benefits of following the IBQMI® lean project management technique.

Decisions made will be effective:
This is very important. When each team member knows his/her role and responsibilities, then making a decision concerning their part of the work becomes more effective. There would be no confusion as to who is in charge and accountable for such a decision.
The scope of the project is controlled: if your project should have a direction and a target, then you will need a project management method. It would help you manage the scope which will ultimately save you time and money.

Expected delivery:
It would be very easy for you to know what to expect at the end if you utilize the IBQMI® lean project management method. Your clear and concise plan will make it easy for your client to know the expected results even before the project has kick-started.

Better risk handling:
risks and problems are part of a problem but if you have the right method or technique, that will make it all too easy to handle. Your plan would include all the possible setbacks and solutions on how to solve them.

There are several advantages to following the IBQMI® Certified Lean Project Manager framework, as some of them will be seen during the day to day handling of the project. To master projects even better, you should enroll in the Certified Lean Project Manager®

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