The five best Project management tools

A good business can only become successful through good project management. In the 21st Century, managing projects have become quicker, easier and more efficient thanks to the range of software now available. Read more about the 5 best PM tools.

The best project management software programs on the market

The use of project management has become so great that even industries outside the business bubble also need to apply them. Softwares that can help in project management have begun to emerge, however, how do they help us towards achieving a better project management?

First of all, efficiency is the key. Softwares will be able to give you an up-to-the-minute overview of how each project is coming along. It will also effectively carry out other functions like scheduling, cost control, communication and a whole host of other features - all in the one program. The most important asset of a good project management software is its ability to see how the project looks like from the beginning till end. By just clicking a button, you will be able to see the entire outlay of the project and how each section is performing. This means the project manager can use their time wisely, helping the teams that need it most, at the best possible time.

Here are five of the best project management software programmes on the market:

01. Basecamp
Basecamp is considered one of the biggest project management softwares with over 10 million users. It is a web-based project management tool that allows instantaneous milestone management, file-sharing and messaging.
Even though it was initially free, the web-based management tool now costs $20 a month and allows users to jump right into project management with minimal fuss - perfect for those smaller businesses that need help with a project straight away.


02. MS Project
The Microsoft project is the best project management software designed for medium-to-large companies. This software has some powerful tools like wide-scale integration with its Office, Outlook, and Sharepoint programmes. The 2016 version of the software also enables you to book people and resources within your project files, thus double booking won’t be a problem anymore.


03. Zoho Projects
This software has rapidly risen to become a favorite for several companies. This software has been recognized for providing users with a wide array of free functionality. Users can configure tasks and milestones, set meetings, upload files, run reports, start forums, contribute to wikis, and chat online
As a software and a platform, Zoho continuously seeks to update itself and provide you with further seamless integration with other business tools - be it Google Docs or an instant messaging application. Zoho has been known to handle project management problems, both small and big.


04. Asana
This is the latest one amongst them. The main focus of Asana is to improve productivity and that has been the reason for their continued success so far. What makes Asana different is the mobile-friendly nature of their software. They have realized that people spend more time on their phones than their laptops, thus they created the mobile apps to make it easier for you to manage your projects at any time of the day on your mobile. Asana's focus on mobile capabilities also means it's the perfect programme for those businesses with a large number of freelance and remote workers.


05. Wrike
This software came about after Andrew Filev found his first startup had become more complex than his project management software could handle. He now decided to design his own software. The software can so far be described as smart, intuitive and a great way to improve your business performance. Wrike has been designed to save the users’ time by connecting data across teams and projects seamlessly and by providing a continually-updating hub of information for fast and easy collaboration.


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