The IBQMI® CERTIFIED KANBAN COACH® Celebrates 7th Anniversary

The mother of all Kanban certifications has celebrated its 7th anniversary. Ken Davis, the IBQMI® Director, said they were elated by this achievement and in the support given by their clients. 

The CERTIFIED KANBAN COACH® offers a holistic approach

"Today marks an important milestone for the original CERTIFIED KANBAN COACH®, as we celebrate its seventh anniversary. This celebratory period has seen the company expand its services and positively impact the lives of countless professionals in over 70 countries around the world!" said Davis.

Davis added that their technique consistently leads to successful transformations for their clients and meaningful business relationships with their partners. Over the past 7 years, IBQMI® CERTIFIED KANBAN COACH® has certified thousands of coaches and seen tremendous results with clients and partners.

IBQMI® has depended on its team of experts to deliver quality training and certification. According to Dr. Robert Thompson, Issuing Officer at IBQMI, the experts and network of IBQMI® accredited training partner® consistently provide support and guidance to help clients achieve success. "We are excited to continue this journey and help more people reach their goals," said Dr. Robert.

According to the IBQMI® representative, the Kanban certification offers professionals some exceptional advantages with no hidden charges as IBQMI® does not charge membership fees. There is a chance to save up to $95 and be provided with training materials that come as part of certification. The certificate is valid for life, meaning that there is no need for renewal. 

Certificated professionals also get to enter the IBQMI® competence center as validated experts and be provided with a certified badge. The certificate includes the following details: name of the qualified expert, protected qualification title which can be used for life, a unique alphanumeric serial number that verifies the certificate's authenticity, and signatures of the BOD.

The certified Kanban coach offers a holistic approach. IBQMI® Kanban certification includes IT, automotive industry, and continuous delivery for industry 4.0. 

Kanban training and certification allows a professional to learn what the strategy entails, how it operates, and its benefits in relation to other approaches. One can learn the difference between Kanban and other methods while learning its application in different scenarios.

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