The Importance of Leadership

Across every aspect of human endeavor, there must be someone or something who directs the affairs of others, that's leadership. In a team, there's a person who coordinates the affairs of others, that's leadership. The importance of leadership is as essential as life.

The importance of leadership should not be discussed

1. It gives sense of direction to a task: imagine a team without a member; it is no doubt going to be disastrous. Leadership gives credible sense of direction to a task. This explains why for every action, there must be someone behind the wheel steering it to action. Having a good leader gives sense of direction to a project, it states what the goals are and how to work towards it.

2. It simplifies task: leadership simplifies tasks and ensure credible attainment of objectives. In project management, the manager being the leader in collaboration with all concerned stakeholders assign tasks to everyone, thus, simplifying the methods and processes involved. Leadership makes the work workable, achievable and worthwhile.

3. Sense of Responsibility: leadership gives sense of responsibility to a project. The leader assumes the task of bring the team together, working out the mode of operation, combining human and material resources to meet objectives. By this, leadership gives sense of responsibility to the leader and sense of belonging to members of the team.

4. Effective Management: when there's credible management in place, the effective utilization of resources is guaranteed. Leadership ensures that the available human and material resources are put to judicious use and the goals are achieved. Wastage is best prevented through the institution of credible leadership.

5. Adoption of global standards: with the right leadership in place, a project or an entity will be done in accordance to global standards. A leader is acquainted with the requisite trends in the global market and knows when and how it works, he knows what's in vogue and what's outdated. For this purpose, tasks, missions and projects are executed to meet global standards.

6. Credible Administration: this is all encompassing and has to do with planning, controlling, directing, quality control, and management of affairs of a group of people. The importance of leadership cannot be discussed without reference to this. Leadership when rightly instituted ensures that all actions work towards achieving the objectives. With the right leadership, projects and resources are planned, controlled, directed in a bid to meet specified requirements.

7. For quality control and assessment: leadership also entails quality control and assessment. This to a very large extent lends credence to the importance of leadership. When a project has been completed, the leader does quality control and assessment by conducting an evidence based research to ascertain if the project meets the demands of utility, that is, if the project serves the purpose meant. Leadership here implies that the leader should not back off after completion of the project, he should as well determine how well the project meets the demands of the consumers.

8. Legality: for the purpose of fulfilling legal requirements of business and corporate enterprises, leadership is important. This is because, it makes the project lined to a particular individual or group of persons who takes responsibility for the outcomes.

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