The principles of lean start-up in the Classroom

We have all been through this stage at one point. Sitting in the classroom for hours every day learning some outdated materials is no fun at all. However, teachers can improve on this by using the Lean principles. The learning process will be more fun for the students. Let us look at how this can be achieved.

The traditional method of teaching.

The schooling system has always been that our professors will lecture us for a couple of weeks and then we are tested to see exactly what we have learned from those lectures. Grading of the examination follows after that. If the students perform poorly, then the professor will be given most of the blame as his teaching methods will be called into question.

This is the reason why it is very important to have a continuous feedback loop in the lean start-up. This feedback loop is known as the Build-Measure-Learn loop. The professor will at the beginning of the semester prepare a curriculum for the class. As the semester progresses, he/she will find ways to assess the class by giving them tests, quiz, assignments, and others just to see how they are picking up what is being taught in class. This is where the problem comes. The traditional method of teaching doesn’t offer solutions to the professor if after assessing the students, he/she notices that they aren’t picking up. Modifying the teaching method isn’t something that traditional teaching system covers and that is a problem.

How then can teachers modify their scheme so that students will learn what they are supposed to?

The Clicker method.
This is a method that will help the teacher analyze how his/her students view the course. A teacher is asked by the teacher and the students proceed to answer them. The way the students answer the questions and the kind of answers they provide will give the teacher a better look at how the students view the course.
This method has gone in a long way in helping teachers get valuable feedback from the students without actually asking them for the feedback directly. The teacher can also use this method to ensure that the students will learn what they are supposed to faster. With several topics being looked into, the teacher can use this method to teach the students several things during the class.

Validated Learning method.
The educational system has been set in such a way that the final grade is the only thing that matters. If a student has a good grade, then it is concluded that the student has learned what was initially intended. What has been a thing of wonder is how some students find things to be easy while others struggle throughout the whole semester. The main focus shouldn’t be on the final grade but on what they have actually learned during the class. Once that becomes the target, students will learn more and the grade level will ultimately improve.

The Minimum Viable Product
This is a method that hasn’t been fully exploited yet in the educational world and business world. Start-up businesses are finding it hard to break into the business world and their success will be determined by how much they can infuse individual education into their business. If they can be able to do this, then becoming successful businesses will be very easy.

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