The six steps needed to make TQM a success

TQM has for long been associated with management techniques that seek to bring together all the organizational functions and use them to ensure that customer satisfaction is met. The organizational functions that are merged and managed together include design, marketing, finance, engineering, customer service, production, and others.

The benefits achieved will be excellent

The process of TQM can best be described as universal and it is used to conduct an operation so that stability and growth can be achieved in a company. The processes used might differ due to the difference in the organization but they hold the same value.

The following steps are needed in every field to ensure that TQM becomes a success

1. Select a control subject
The control subject is the standard for which your process will be based on and compared to. The control subject will have to be accepted by a larger number of people and must have all the necessary specification to what you intend to work on.

2. Taking the scores
A score will have to be kept in order to measure the actual performance of your goods or services against the control subject. Everything will have to be recorded so that area of improvement will be noted and the changes effected. A staff should be assigned to take records and compare.

3. Choose a standard of performance
From the beginning, a targeted goal and objective will have to be established. This will be the basis on which the performance of the product or service is measured. The standard will have to be durable and reliable so that the objective doesn’t change afterward.

4. Take the actual measurement of performance
After setting a standard of performance, you can proceed to take the actual measure of performance for the product or service. There are various tools that can be used to measure the performance, it is left for you to decide which one to use based on its relevance to your product or service.

5. Interpret the measurement collected
Once the measurements and other data have been collected, the next step is to interpret what they mean. If the performance of the product or service is below the set standard, then you will have to revise your methods and come up with new ones. The comparison will help you take the next course of action.

6. In case of underperformance, take corrective action
If your product or service underperformed, then it is very important that you take corrective steps to ensure that it works for the better. Each non-functioning part of the system will have to be replaced so that TQM process will be perfected. In order to restore conformance to requirements and also to ensure product quality reliability & durability, corrective actions are needed by applying quality improvements measures or tools.

All the above-explained processes will have to be taken in order for TQM process to become successful. TQM can only work in an organization if they are willing to set, find and correct all the non-functional activities. If the steps are being followed, then the benefits achieved will be excellent.

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