The top 4 Reasons Small Business Give as Excuses for Not Adopting Project Management

Running a small business anywhere in the world is not always easy at first, as there are necessary assignments you still have to take care of. The challenges of maintaining standardize current business processes so as to portray your business in good terms and the constant challenges of transforming your business operation in order to survive the industry and compete well in no joke at all.

Transform your business in order to survive

These are some of the challenges the project management system has come to deal with, but guess what? Far too many owners of these businesses often dislike the idea of project management due to the following four reasons:

1. The project management system takes time:
small business owners prefer the slapdash approach where the quality of the result may be jeopardized due to these archaic methods. Think about it, would you rather your home built little by little while maintaining the necessary steps to achieve a greater result, or you would prefer them to jump into its building and in a matter of days, done? No, I don’t think you would ever prefer such.
The same thing goes with project management too; truth be told, it takes a bit of time at first, but trust me, the result usually worth it.

2. It takes a more significant percentage of my purchasing power:
this is a misconception that needs to be clarified and explained. Implementation of project management is not hugely expensive, as many portray it to be. There are pockets of free or low-cost sources of techniques, advice, templates, and project management services available on the internet. All you need do is to search for them, and you will find many of them.
Don’t be deceived by what people say. Implementation of project management processes, tools, and techniques can be as little as a little can be, and there are likelihoods that small business owners are using software and tools can be used for project management already. Software such as spreadsheets email software and a host of others.

3. Project management requires some special skills:
in reality, it is not as hard as people portray this, and this shouldn’t be a reason you are not adopting project management for your organization. Yes, truth be told, project management requires some level of experience and skills to be a renowned project manager. However, these skills you can take along the once you get the system up and running in your organization.
There are courses you can take in a matter of four to five days with an IBQMI ATP®, and you are done. Small business owners usually possess the basic skills and knowledge needed for project management to kick-start and later enroll for the Certified Lean Project Manager® at to build on the existing knowledge.

4. I do not need the paperwork of project management:
this is crucial to the success of every business out there today. There should be a point in the cycle when you need to do a risk assessment, a marketing campaign for the sustainability of the organization. Application of tools such as stakeholder analysis, risk management, and communication planning coupled with the knowledge of project management has always been a plus for the success of the organization. It gives you that needed competitive edge to survive the present day’s market.

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