The Vital Elements of Total Quality Management (TQM)

As far as philosophies go, TQM is one of them that is focused on achieving positive results. It does this by concentrating all of the activities of the business and the processes towards the primary goal of customer satisfaction.

Ways to achieve customer satisfaction

The number one reason why TQM is implemented is so that customer satisfaction is achieved.
There are 8 vital elements involved in TQM, and they are grouped into four separate groups. Let us have a look at them.

First Group: Foundation
This is the first step in everything. For your business, the value would be formed at this stage. Productive habits and a suitable atmosphere are ensured in this stage.
Here are the elements under this group.

1. Ethics
It is very important that you know what is right and what is wrong. TQM places importance on ethics and doing only what is ethically right to achieve a favorable result. The business will operate in ethically good ways.

2. Integrity
The company will also have to deal with people and customers honestly. This is also important just as ethics. Any forms of dishonesty shouldn’t be approved in the company or organization.

3. Trust
In order for the team members to work together towards achieving a common goal, then trust between them would have to be developed. The working environment should breed of confidence and trust and this will lead to efficiency and productivity.

Second Group: Bricks
This is the building blocks of TQM. The elements in this group are responsible for bearing the weight of the entire project. They effectively support the entire project and makes it more solid. Here are the elements found under it.

4. Training
For the team members to be able to produce the needed quality products or services, they must know how to do that. This is why it is important that they are grilled in different levels so that efficiency can be introduced. TQM is a comprehensive approach to business management, thus everyone in the organization would have to be trained. The training would focus on how to be a valuable part of the organization and how to add value to the customer.

5. Teamwork
This is the bedrock of success of your TQM. The whole team would have to work together to ensure that the customer is offered a high level of satisfaction in terms of products or services.

6. Leadership
A team would lack direction if there is no leadership. To understand the philosophy of TQM, then the leaders should know the methodologies and take the necessary steps to implement them.

Third Group: Mortar
This element is used to bind other elements and build an outstanding team.
7. Communication
Communication is the key that is holding TQM together. Without proper communication, the whole process falls apart. In order to continue improving, then the information should be something that is passed in the team at all times. Communication should be constant in the organization. The communication should extend to outside influence like customers, partners, suppliers, and stakeholders.

Forth Group: Roof
This is what caps the whole processes and is the last important element.
8. Recognition
This involves getting a feedback of the job done. The team and individuals should be congratulated on a work well done and suggestions should also be given on how to improve henceforth. This will help boost the morale in the organization and motivate the employees to put in more effort.

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