Top 5 Benefits of Implementing Kanban in Your Organization

In this present age of rapid technological advancement, you need to stay focus and implement the necessary methods to remain competitive with the big guns in your industry. One of such methods is the use of Kanban. Kanban is an effective method applied across all fields of work with the sole aim of driving down costs and achieving more efficient visualization.

The flexibility of the -IBQMI® Certified Kanban Coach®

Kanban avails you the flexibility required to run the organization and sustainability of the competitive advantage to keep being relevant in the industry. Here, we are going to look at the top 5 benefits of Kanban for your organization.

Let’s dive in:
1. Better visibility: with the use of Kanban, you can easily visualize how tasks are moving through the process. Visualization is one of the fantastic Kanban’s features. Through Kanban board, you can easily spot bottlenecks as they are forming.

2. Improved efficiency of operation: once Kanban is implemented into your organization, no doubt, you will notice enhanced efficiency as compared to the past. Every manager would love to get more done with little inputs, and that’s what Kanban is bringing to the table. How is this possible, you may ask? This is possible through perfect visualization on the Kanban board. Bottlenecks, stalled tasks, and too much work in progress can be easily seen, as these obstacles become eliminated, the efficiency of the operation becomes excellent.

3. Increased productivity: once Kanban improves the efficiency of your organization, then, the increase in productivity automatically become inevitable. With the use of Kanban, cycle time and throughput are the watchwords. Cycle time is a function of how long does it take a specific task to pass through your process while throughput measures how much tasks are delivered within some period. Tracking both cycle time and throughput all the time shows you how your productivity changes over time. The faster the movement of tasks through the process, the more products get completed!

4. Preventing team burnout: unlike the traditional management methods that take a great toll on the team member due to its planning upfront system. With Kanban, the team will only pull tasks into the workflow only when they can do so. Kanban method takes so much pride in imposing work in progress (WIP) limits on each process state. If a task has not yet left the process, no new task enters it, and this ensures team members are not being overworked unnecessarily.

5. Improved team collaboration: with the implementation of Kanban, none of the team members is sideline from contributing to achieving improved efficiency of the current production. Daily standup meetings are usually organized to deciding the direction of the business when Kanban is implemented in your organization. This way, different stakeholders meet and cross-fertilize ideas, brainstorm solutions to emerging issues, and collaborate on vital ideas generated.

Above listed points are the top 5 benefits of implementing Kanban in every organization. You don’t need to revamp any of your current processes before seeing these benefits. Implement Kanban today and let your team be more productive.

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