Top 5 Tips for Co-working Effectively and Getting Along with a Difficult Colleague

You may be quite unlucky putting up with a colleague who criticizes you or with a co-worker who always takes credit for all your hard works. Yes, this thing happens almost everywhere but you mustn’t succumb to this empty pressure from such folk, rather you should learn to manage this awkward situation. Managing this type of issue won’t only help you as regards quality work delivery but to also maintain your peace and happiness while still in that organization. Here are top five tips that can be assist you in dealing with a difficult colleague at your workplace.

How to deal with a Difficult Colleague

• Identify the source of the issue
Now isn’t the time for you to be resenting the colleague, there are better things you can actually do in this situation. One of which is to identify what caused this rift and toxic behavior towards you. When you learn what caused that unwanted behavior, you’ll avoid doing that again and the problem becomes solved.

• Be the matured person
It’s crucial to always keep your emotions and actions in check whenever a colleague frustrates you. Most times, it’s always due to inferiority complex and so you need to act like a bigger person. You must avoid people seeing and labeling you the quarrelsome person in the organization because you keep letting out your furry.

• Prepare mentally
You should always be pro-active in this situation and prepare mentally beforehand. Find out when the problem usually happen, is it when you’re in meetings or on projects, then prepare mentally to fight off the temptation of loosing temper during these times.
Doing this is crucial for your peace of mind as you can’t control the colleague but you sure can control yourself.

• Address the issue
Though it isn’t always an easy thing to do but sometimes you all need do is to address the issue. If the problem becomes consistent and it’s kind of weighing you down in terms of productivity, then it’s high time you addressed the issue.
But make sure you address the issue out of the working situations. Speak calmly and sincerely express your displeasure about the whole situation, that way you can resolve the issue amicably.

• Get someone on aboard
Sometimes, you’ll just have this stubborn colleague who doesn’t like you for whatever reason (s) best known to him/her. If you’ve tried the last four tips and they seem not working in resolving this issue as you want, then it’s time to involve the manager to help resolve the issue. You can as well, ask the manager transfer you to other department if it’s possible. This will give you a breathing space you need to work efficiently.

Handling difficult situations at workplace is crucial to your career progression in life. A difficult colleague can cause you a lot of trouble if you don’t know how to handle a co-worker who is toxic. Follow these tips and you’ll be glad.

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