Top 7 tips to make Quality Improvement implementation very easy

TQM is something that we have all used at one point in time or we are currently using it for your project. It has been recognized to be very vital and important to the organizational work and duties of a firm. There are still some people who do know how effective TQM can be. This post is for you. Here are 7 tips that will help you implement TQM in your business or company.

New initiatives to be used alongside the old ones.

For the several TQM programs, it is required that you should be creative and use both the old and new initiatives together. This will ensure that you are improving while not totally abandoning the old tried and tested ways.

A very solid background
For TQM to work, your business or organization must have a strong framework in place. The framework should be in place to ensure that the growth is sustained and improved on over time. Your framework should also ensure that it is designed to accommodate anyone. It should never be tailored towards accommodating just one person or one type of skill. Your system should be built on generating ideas, collecting and selecting the proper working tools, forming a strong team and finding ways to solve problems. Your framework should be adhered to by members of your staff.

Acknowledge hard work.
The whole point of TQM is to ensure that quality is being brought into your production processes. It is, therefore, necessary to acknowledge and give credit to individuals who are always working to ensure that quality is imposed at all times. The hard work will also help you decide who will head a certain department or team.

Encourage creativity and ideas.
In order for TQM to work, then as the leader, you will have to encourage your team to be creative and come up with ideas. Ideas should be accepted no matter where they come from, so long as they are good. Make sure that your employees know the priorities at hand and the criteria for the work to do.

Start with a small project.
As the man in charge, you know your project more than anyone else. It is for this reason that you should start with the smaller projects before moving on to the larger ones. This will allow you to access your methodologies before moving on to the bigger projects. The nature of the results will determine your approach to the bigger projects.

Your team should be fully involved.
Never make your project an isolated one. Even though it might be your idea, you alone cannot execute it. You will need to work with your team members and get them fully involved in the processes. Ensure that your ideas align with that of your team members. It is not ok if you force them to work on something they barely have any knowledge of.

Your team should know the progress made and the results achieved.
The only way to keep your team motivated at all times is to ensure that your progress and result is made known to them. Nobody wants to keep putting an effort when they don’t know if the results are positive or negative. Knowing that their work matters is the key to ensuring that they keep doing what you want and that will make the project to be successful.

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