Top Tips to Being An Exemplary Leader

Being an exemplary leader in your business doesn’t happen over-night, it comes with a lot of responsibilities from your part in order to have a successful and vibrant business. But to have a successful and vibrant business, you need to get the best out of your employees and subordinates as these is the only they can develop and also improvethe productivity of your business.

To be an exemplary leader you need to possess the following characteristics:

• Being supportive: Always be there for your employees and subordinates because they need you to assist in completing their task. A leader should be always up to the task when the need arises.

• Be a good listener: As a leader listen to your team members and pay attention to details when it comes to and you will hear the real person. This will build deep relationships which are vital.

• Exhibiting direct and straightforwardpersonality: By ensuring that people are delivering to your expectations, they will be much more confident.

• Be free and friendly: A good leader has to be free, friendly and free spirited with his people. This is a powerful tool that will improve the relationship with employees and other subordinates in the organisation.

• Fairness to everyone: Team members, employees and subordinates should be treated with fairness based on their condition, their payment procedures and in other basic areas.

• Give and accept Feedbacks: By giving feedbacks, these shows the employees, team members and other subordinate about their previous performances and how they can improve on it for better performance in the future. While accepting feedbacks from others shows they want your business to succeed which will show you what are the necessary changes you need to make and the things you need to put in place for the more productivity.

• Be Trustworthy: One characteristic that makes a leader stand out among others is being trustworthy. When people know that you are trustworthy as a leader, they feel more safe and comfortable to work with you. This even bring out their creativity because of how they feel so relaxed working with you and working for you. This even doesn’t let them doubt anything to you because over time you have shown how truthful you are which makes you more reliable.

• Enjoy your life too and be human: Don’t let it be all about work all the time, have some free time for yourself where you relax with your family and friends as this helps to also ward off a lot of times so accumulated stress due to working a lot. Also, human we all have emotion, don’t hesitate to show them because as a leader you are dealing with humans and not robots. So, you have to show your fears, doubts and expectations as these make you real and original to your team and they will appreciate you for that.

• Appreciate job well done: Learn to appreciate your team members, employees or subordinates whenever a great project is achieved this will go a long way to motivate them.
And don’t be surprised that just by telling them ‘Thank you’ will look to them that you really sincerely appreciated their efforts and this can also go a long way to bring out the best in them.

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