Tops 5 Reasons Today’s Organizations Use IBQMI® Kanban

Many people tend to wonder why countless organizations are now employing the use of Kanban in their day-to-day activities. Why? Before you go too deep in your thought, think for a moment, what’s the ultimate goal of every organization? What are their aims and targets?

IBQMI® Kanban increases the overall performance of the company

Every organization wants to maximize their resources and increase their profit margins. Hence, they go out of their ways to accomplish these aims. They streamline and redefine some of their past challenges and place the organization at a better place of growth.

There are reasonable amounts of benefits that have been discovered with the usage of Kanban. Some of these are; it increases the overall performance of the company, resources optimization, improved efficiency, improved productivity, etc.
But to adequately satisfy your curiosity, this article presents reasons why its full adoptions and utilizations are so obvious, so much so to the common man on the street.

Let’s take a look at the top five reasons why pockets of organizations are tilting towards its usage nowadays:

1. Proper workflow visualization and tracking:
This is arguably the number one reason why companies are not adopting the use of Kanban. It offers great visualization of the organization’s workflow and helps them track the progress of their activities.

2. High-level transparency:
with the proper approach of the Kanban system, a high level of transparency is guaranteed, which allows perusing the organization’s picture quite well.

3. Better project management:
don’t be surprised that many companies are only able to complete just 50% of their total projects within both the speculated time and predefined budget. So, this is a problem that needs adequate attention if a company must grow out of its present limits. But with the adoption of Kanban, this challenge has been dealt with appropriately, and now, we can confidently say companies using the Kanban system have witnessed improved project management.

4. Optimum team collaboration:
unlike the traditional system of project management systems, Kanban has defiled all odds against its effectiveness of maintaining team collaboration, and now, companies are relishing this outstanding feature of Kanban.

5. Better metrics/reporting:
the truth is, teams, find it so hard to measure their productivity and as a result, lose a great deal of time when reporting. To solve this singular but daunting challenge, Kanban has been employed, and the result of which is what is making organizations stick to its usage.

Lastly, if you are ever thinking of a system that can help in achieving better project management, optimum team collaboration, better reporting, high-level of transparency, and proper visualization of the workflow, go for the Kanban system. It is one of those few project management systems you can trust to deliver.

What’s next?
To learn the Kanban 101 at team-level, enroll in the IBQMI® Approved Kanban Professional.
If you want to apply Kanban to any environment at an advanced coach level, you should enroll in the Certified Kanban Coach®.

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